Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mind Control At Its Finest

I'm hoping to get to at least ten posts this month, with is actually my goal for the rest of the year. I should be able to get that many in since I'm in the right mood for reviewing films lately. Plus I plan to go to a local film festival in a couple of weeks, so will have some movies to write about then. In the mean time, I checked out the next film on the movie pack I've been watching. This one is called The Parasite (1997). According to an article published not long after the film was finished, director Andy Froemke went bankrupt after completion.

Professor Richard Austin (David Gaffney) is a confirmed skeptic.While at a party, Professor John Wilson (Robert Taminga) introduces him to Helena (Julia Matias). Helena claims to be able to mesmerism people. This is a form of hypnosis where you can make people do what they normally wouldn't do. Helena asks Audrey (Marissa Hall), Richard's girlfriend, to go through this to prove she can do this. Helena makes it so that Richard can't put Audrey's arm down. Richard doesn't seem all that impressed though, and gets with John in order to do some experiments with Helen where Richard will be the one to under go hypnosis. Like others before him, Richard is about to find out that her power is real, and she will make him do things he doesn't want to do.

I found Parasite to be an odd film really. So far this is the oldest film I have watched on the movie pack, but it looks even older. Many have described it as an old TV movie, and it does have that feel and look about it. Much like an old TV movie, there is a lot of talk with not a lot of action. Froemke gives the plot an interesting idea. I can't say that I have ever heard of mesmerism, but it appears to be a real thing, just not how Foremke wants us to believe. That's fine, it is just a movie after all. The thing is, mesmerism in the film has more of a telepathy feel more than anything. Helena can get someone she has put into this state once before seemingly whenever she wants, wherever she is. She can also interact/control a person's dream as well. This is really what made me believe it was a form of telepathy, not some form of hypnosis. Helena seems to only have one thing in mind with this power really, to get the guys. I could think of better things to do with powers like that, but whatever. Helena does it ass backwards though. By getting the guys to do things they don't want to do, like kill other people, I don't get how that will force them into loving her and be more than happy to be with her. While The Parasite has some good moments here and there, for the most part I had a bit of a hard time getting through it. With not a lot going on, it was easy to lose interest in the story which also wasn't all the exciting either.

The Parasite does offer up some descent effects at least. The best effect was in a dream sequence where Audrey has her hands in Richard's chest. It wasn't the best effect ever, but it got the job done and looked pretty cool. The acting wasn't bad, but nothing real great either. For the type of movie that it is, the acting gets by just fine. I liked Marissa Hall the best I think. I wasn't real impressed with her, but she is pretty at least. No nudity to be found though Hall is in the shower for a couple of scenes. Don't get to see anything though.

I never found out what Richard teaches. He is barely in a class room. We see him there maybe twice if I remember right. He does talk about a parasite at one point though, so maybe that was a clue to what he teaches. Not that it mattered to the plot, but would have been nice to know all the same. I didn't find The Parasite to be one of the worst films out there, but I didn't really care for it all that much. The ending, which has something of a twist to it, doesn't really make a lot of sense as far how it could have happened. If Helena could do that, I don't know why she just didn't do it sooner then. Anyway, unless you plan to watch every film in the pack like I will be doing, I don't know that I would suggest it for anyone else.
2 out of 5 Crazy professors are the best classes

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