Friday, August 08, 2014

Game Playing Gangs

I took a few days off from doing any reviews if you happened to not notice. Actually I only meant to take a day or two off, but it turned into a bit longer than that. Mostly because I haven't been sleeping very well. I don't feel I do a review justice when I am feeling tired while writing the majority of it. I made it through my last film though and headed straight into the next film from my own collection. This a film called Capture The Flag (2005), which really had no place on a horror movie collection.

Tim (Jonni Myer) has moved to a new town with his father. Tim's dad is a police detective, who is usually drunk it seems. Tim runs into Trish (Christine Walker) a couple of times and they find they have a connection with each other. Eventually Trish takes Tim to where her friends hang out. They all like to play capture the flag, but they seem to take the game more serious than most. The leader also likes to trash places, which eventually leads Tim's dad into some trouble.

I'm assuming the company that holds the rights to Capture The Flag included it in a package deal type thing. From what I have read, there are other films on the movie pack by the same company that are actually horror films. Capture The Flag is more of an action film more than anything else. Not that there is a lot of stunts going on, but there can be a lot of fighting. If you are wondering, yes they do really play capture the flag. For a bunch of friends, they sure play the game in a rather dirty way. Can't say that I have ever played, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't involve fits flying and getting kicked while you are down.  I admit that it made watching their game a bit more interesting, but the camera work from director Zachary Yoshioka made it a little hard to follow at times. There is a big fight scene towards the end of the film that worked well. The only thing I didn't like was people taking time out to high-five and stuff like that. I could be wrong but I don't think they would be really doing that while a big fight is going on around them. The story was just okay for me. I never really figured out if the group of friends is just that, or some type of gang. There were moments that I suppose was comedy, but it came off as awkward at best. Like a lady looking for her pie she left on the table. Which reminds me, why is stealing a pie something you have to do to join a gang? Anyway, there is also a Home Alone shock look towards the end of the film.

No real effects for the film. Just a little blood, and there is some makeup for bruising and such. The acting wasn't too bad at least. I wasn't all that impressed by anyone, but at least you don't get actors who can't give their lines right the majority of the time. Jonni Myer isn't too bad in the lead role. It would have been nice if Christine Walker was given more to do. All her character really does is meet Tim and introduce him to the gang. After that she pretty much drops out of sight until Tim has to make a choice between the gang and his dad.

Capture The Flag is only 53 minutes long. At the time I watched it, I didn't really have time to watch a movie, but with the short run time, I decided to go ahead. Shortest film I have watched in a while. If you have this horror pack and only bought it because it is horror films, you might want to skip this one. As I said above, there is nothing horror about this movie. If you happen to be curious about it, at least it isn't a very long film to waste time on. It isn't a bad film really. It isn't something I would likely watch again, but then again I just didn't care for the game they enjoyed playing.
2 out of 5 At least the women weren't afraid to fight

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