Saturday, August 02, 2014

Don't Look In The Closet Part Three

After a good month doing reviews last month, I hope to keep the trend going. Lately all I have wanted to do is watch movies and write reviews. I have been having a little trouble writing at times, not sure where to take the review. I see that as normal at times though. Yesterday I got a review done for Here Comes The Devil. Knowing I would be watching Lollapalooza this weekend, I have been planning things around that. So far, so good. For today I watched Boogeyman 3 (2008), the last film in the far at least.

Audrey (Nikki Sanderson) is the daughter of Doctor Allen (from the last film) and she is taking his death rather hard. After finding and reading his personal journal, Audrey begins to think that the bogeyman is actually real. No sooner than she starts to believe, the bogeyman shows up. Audrey manages to get away and go to her college dorm room to talk to her friend Sarah (Erin Cahill). Of course Sarah and others don't believe her ramblings about the bogeyman. Sarah is on a college radio show where she, along with her professor, try to help callers with their questions and problems. They get a call from Audrey which worries Sarah so she runs off to try to help Audrey. Just as she gets there, Sarah sees Audrey lifted into the air by the bogeyman, but when someone else looks in, they see that Audrey has apparently hung herself. Sarah isn't buying it though, and soon the bogeyman is gaining power from people in the dorm believing in him.

I had mixed feelings about Boogeyman 3. The story was okay, but I did like the dilemma that Sarah found herself in. Once she realized that the bogeyman can get to you after you start to believe in it, rumors were running rampant through the dorm about the bogeyman. So how do you warn people not to believe in something, or that they are in danger, without reinforcing their belief? It was something that I was trying to solve while watching how Sarah went about it. In my review for the last film, I didn't think that this one picked up where the last one left off. I was right in a way, but I was also wrong. While it does tie into the last film, Henry is no where to be found. I don't think it ever mentioned the events of the first film though. While it doesn't answer if what happened to Tim was in his head or not, based off this film you can make a strong case that it wasn't just in his head. I didn't really care for how the story ended for Sarah though. Not what happens in the elevator, but just before that. It didn't make sense to me that the bogeyman would allow what happened to go down the way it did. Of course what happens in the elevator probably helps him out once again.

The above was all well and good, but the effects for the film is what caused me to have mixed feelings about it. I really felt that director Gary Jones went too far over the top with the effects. There isn't really a whole lot as far as gory things happening, although we do get to see a hall full of dead bodies. There is a scene where tons of blood comes out of washing machines. My problem with that, and most other effects, was that it gave the film too much of a dream like state. This has caused a lot of people to turn on the film because it reminds them of the far better A Nightmare On Elm Street. I wasn't really thinking that while watching Boogeyman 3, but I get the complaint completely. The acting wasn't too bad. No one really stood out to me, but I thought everyone did a good job with their roles. I guess I did like Mimi Michaels well enough. I didn't care for her at first, but she grew on me as the film went on.

I may have had mixed feelings about Boogeyman 3, but overall it was an alright film. I still wish they had not made it so dream like though. That isn't how I think of the bogeyman, and I don't think that was really the intention of the previous two films either. I don't know if there will ever be a fourth film, but as a trilogy, it isn't a bad set. None of the films ever manage to be great, but they all could have been a lot worse. It was interesting to see how different each film is from the others. I don't know that I would have anyone go out to get this film. You don't really have to see the other films to watch this one. While the start of the film might be a bit confusing, it doesn't have a lot to do with the overall plot of the film. If you have watched the other two films, you might as well make it three for three.
3 out of 5 I don't believe!

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