Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wolf Fever Part Two

A few weeks ago I discovered that there is a sequel to Wolf Creek out there. I had no idea that one was even being made, so it came as a surprise to me when I saw it on Netflix's instant watch. I have been meaning to watch it ever since, but kept putting it off for other films instead. Meanwhile, I've noticed other reviews pop up, and usually they give Wolf Creek 2 (2013) a good review. I was able to get around to it at last. It fits in with my films from other countries as well since it is from Australia.

Rutger (Philippe Klaus) and Katarina (Shannon Ashlyn) are a couple from Germany having fun backpacking through Australia. After visiting and hitching to some different place, they almost get a ride from serial killer Mick Taylor (John Jarratt). As another truck comes around, Mick takes off, sparing the couple. They head to Wolfe Creek Crater to check out the site. On their way out, they try to find a ride, but are unable to do so. They decide to set up camp where they are. As they are having some fun together, Mick shows up. This time they won't get away.

Greg Mclean returns to direct the sequel, which is pretty cool. You don't see that happen in the horror genre all that often. After doing a little reading, it turns out that Wolf Creek 2 is based (rather loosely) on victims of real life murders. Much like the first film, the inspiration behind the Mick Taylor character is real life serial killer Ivan Milat and Brad Murdoch, although Murdoch was not a serial killed as far as anyone knows. If you read about the murders, you will see how they are included in the characters. Sure their nationality has changed in some cases, and probably the way they were killed. Even so, it was interesting reading. The film itself is a little different from the original. Some people didn't care for the first film because of the slow start, which you won't find here. Wolf Creek 2 starts with Mitch having a run-in with some cops, which doesn't end well. It doesn't take real long before the next murders happen. I didn't mind the change, which is more like the second half of the first movie. As other reviews have pointed out, this film highlights Mitch. It is all about him, even if we don't really learn much about him as a person. To my surprise, there is a slight change in plot. Well, not really a change in plot, but a change in lead characters. Out are the German's and in comes British tourist Paul, played by Ryan Corr. I suppose a change was needed, but leading up this and after it, the film becomes a long chase. I must admit that I was getting a bit bored with the chase, but it was interesting to see what length Mitch will go to in order to catch the person he has picked out.

Mclean makes sure to have Wolf Creek 2 be a bloody film. There are some very bloody gun shoot wounds, like head exploding at one point. Fingers and a head get cut off in fairly bloody fashion. The effects are good, and of course, very bloody at times. The acting was good as well. I was impressed with Shannon Ashlyn while she was watching Klaus have bad things happen to him. She did extremely well in showing fear. There was also a great conversation between John Jarratt and Ryan Corr that also had some real good acting in that scene.

I was surprised in some ways with Wolf Creek 2 and also a little disappointed with it. I think for most people it will just depends on how well they liked the first film. If you hated it for being too slow, which I heard a lot, you might enjoy this one a bit more. If you didn't like the first movie because of the violence and blood, you won't like this one any better. As for me, while I still think Wolf Creek beats this sequel, I still really enjoyed it. It is too bad I started to feel a little bored with it, but I still loved it.
4 out of 5 Buy a faster jeep next time!

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Aaron said...

Nice, glad to hear you liked it! I didn't read any reviews before writing mine so it's nice to know I'm not the only one who thoroughly enjoyed it.