Thursday, February 28, 2013

Infection By Alien

I'm sorry this has been such a slow month. I haven't managed very many reviews here, and managed zero reviews over at Top Horror Movies Club. I have been getting a few 12 hour days in at work, so that has cut into my movie watching. Since I just have a few hours before heading off to bed, I'm usually afraid I will just fall asleep while trying to watch a movie. Next month won't be much better. I don't know if I will be working any more 12 hour days, but I do have a lot planned on a personal level. My birthday is coming up and I have a concert I will be going to. I may not be done there, but time will tell. Anyway, Netflix is taking out three films that I can't get on DVD, so I thought I would get them in real quick this week, hopefully. Also hopefully, I will get the review done before the end of the month! First up was a movie called Infection: The Invasion Begins (2010).

Sometime in the future, a reporter gets a letter from someone who claims to be the last person to have survived an infection back on September 9, 2009. Finding the woman who sent the letter, she is now ready to tell everyone that it wasn't an infection that over took the town, but an alien invasion. As she tells it, it all started on the day that Deke (Bryan Brewer) returned back to his hometown. Deke has been in prison for the last few years for killing his stepfather. The reason was told in more of an afterthought way though. There isn't anyone in town who really wants him back though. The Sheriff (Lochlyn Munro) wants him gone as of yesterday. His mom (Marcia Moran) seems almost glad to see him again, but then turns cold towards him. The only person somewhat glad to see him is Sarah (Kelly Pendygraft). They were a couple before Deke was sent to prison, so she has mixed feelings about his return home. Willing to leave before trouble starts to find him, Deke starts back out of town. Before he can leave though, something lands on a hillside and alien slugs start taking over people.

All three movies I'm trying to get through have an average rating of two or slightly less stars according to Netflix. With this in mind, I'm not expecting all that much from them. However, some low rated movies on Netflix have managed to surprise me, but this wasn't one of those. Actually I'm getting just a little ahead of myself. Infection starts off really bad. With it being set in the future, director Howard Wexler had a choice to make. With hardly any budget, at least I assume there wasn't a big one, he could have went with something that he could easily control, or try to go big. What we end up with is some very bad looking CGI. It wasn't just the start of the film either, where we get what I think is a green screen with what almost looked like a painting.

The story itself wasn't all that bad. It still wasn't great, but it wasn't as bad as the effects at least. Infection reminded me of a cross between Slither and Night Of The Creeps. It shares much of the same plot lines as both of those films, but manages to be different in how to get rid of the slugs once they have taken someone over. I was a little confused by the slugs though. As far as I could tell, they entered through the mouth. One that we see being killed showed it on the person's back and neck. Maybe that slug had yet to find its way into the body, but then the way to kill it wouldn't have made sense.

I have already talked a little about how bad the effects are. I think the one that took the cake though was the fire effects. These managed to be the wrong color and somehow it was easy to tell that the flames were just overlapping objects, instead of actually being there and burning stuff. Most of the time the effects are shown very quickly and then gone, which is no wonder considering how bad they look. Even though the acting is better, it isn't really a whole lot better. The main actors listed above do put forth an effort at least, which isn't always bad. I think the biggest surprise for me in the cast was Lochlyn Munro. I have watched him in minor roles in plenty of films before, and while he doesn't get the lead here, he does have an important character all the same. It was cool seeing him in a larger role, just wish it had been for a better movie.

The ending for Infection was a bit confusing, and apparently not worth explaining. One confusing part only gets explained in a hand waving way of "it is a long story." Not much help there. The other part didn't seem confusing until the character smiled before walking away. Did she then know what she was doing? Of course we will probably never know. At least I hope there is never a sequel for this one. If it wasn't for the very bad effects, Infection: The Invasion Begins might have gotten a three star rating out of me. As it is, I feel generous giving it the rating you will soon see. I thought the acting saved it just enough to keep it out of the lowest rating at least. Not the best film to watch, but is worth watching just to make fun of the bad effects...almost at least.
2 out of 5 I hope I never swallow a slug


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