Saturday, January 19, 2013

Slashers The Jewish Way

Even though I pulled some extra money for me, I'm already running low on that. Didn't help that one of my cats had to go to the vet and get some teeth taken out. One was broken off at the root, so the vet had to get the root out. Bad new is that it cost a pretty penny. The good news is that my cat is feeling better. He is acting more himself and starting to eat more. He does bug me a lot more to be on my lap though, which can be annoying at times. Anyway, I didn't think I would have the cash to go to a movie this weekend, but I'm thinking now that I can, as long as I don't buy anything else while I'm there. For today though, I watched Rabies (2010) or Kalevet as it is known in Israel.

Out in the middle of a forest, Tali (Liat Harlev) has fallen into a hunters trap. Unable to get out, her brother Ofer (Henry David) is going to try and get her out. We then hear him being attacked or something off screen. After this we meet Adi (Ania Bukstein), Shir (Yael Grobglas), Mikey (Ran Danker) and Pini (Ofer Shechter), a group of tennis players trying to find their way to their next match. Of course they take a wrong turn, and the more they argue over it, the less they watch the road. This leads to them running over Ofer as he tries to flag them down. Ofer lives, but he is bleeding badly. Instead of getting to a hospital, Ofer talks Mikey and Pini into helping him with his sister. The girls stay behind to try and get the police there. Meanwhile, Menashe (Menashe Noy), a park ranger, has managed to save Tali from her would be killer, but of course no one else knows that yet. Officers Danny (Lior Ashkenazi) and Yuval (Danny Geva) respond to the call, and get themselves mixed into the crazy events taking place.

From what everyone says, Rabies is the first slasher film made in Israel. In all honesty, I don't really know why it is considered a slasher. Sure there is a guy who can assume is out to do bad things to Tali and whoever else, but the story isn't about that so much. Instead it is just one of the story lines that run through Rabies. Each character seems to have their own story line, or at least shares one with another character. That is what made Rabies so interesting. It wasn't about a group of people trying to get away from a killer. There was always something going on that had nothing to do with it being a slasher flick. You can break it down to two stories. People get mixed up either one or the other, and sometimes they mix into both a little bit. There is what is going one with Ofer and Tali, and Adi and Shir. There is smaller story threads for most characters, but they are all involved in one of those two groups. co-writers and directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado do a very good job of mixing things up as far as the story goes, and also giving us a good mix of dark comedy and horror.If I had to complain about anything then it would be that there is no main plot going on. I kept trying to figure out how everything was going to come together. While it never really did, everything somewhat concludes fairly well and not having a main plot running through everything wasn't that big of a deal by the end.

I wouldn't call this film a real gory one, but it did have its moments.We get people being shot, a nasty looking cut, and my favorite of missing fingers. None of this will break any records for being gory, but it was just enough I thought. There is also a scene where a dog is killed. While this isn't graphic, it was still a little hard to watch knowing what was about to happen. The acting was also pretty good. I can't say that anyone really stood out to me, but I thought everyone did a good job. It is a little harder to judge acting when you are reading subtitles through the whole movie. Speaking of that, if you get the DVD, be sure to turn subtitles on. It is odd that they aren't already turned on. I watched a few minutes of it before I figured out I had to start the film over again with subtitles turned on.

I think Rabies will end up surprising people. I don't think it is for everyone, but you should still give it a shot all the same. While there wasn't anything shocking with its twist and turns, it did make me wide eyed at times. It wasn't so much shock as it was just being surprised that the directors went there. Like one of the cops getting a feel while patting down one of the women. Some of the things, like the feel, are more or less told in advance, but it was still a surprise to see them go that way. My personal favorite had to do with an explosion. That is all I will say about it though. While I have noticed a few review around for Rabies, I hope to see more soon. As I said, it is worth giving it a shot. Hopefully you will like it as much as I did. It might start off like most movies out there, but it sure doesn't end that way.
4 out of 5 Going boom would be my luck while out in the forest


Jimmy the Saint said...

We get people being shot, a nasty looking cut, and my favorite of missing fingers.

Why is that your favorite?

I watched a few minutes of it before I figured out I had to start the film over again with subtitles turned on.

Didn't realize they were speaking Hebrew, huh? :-p

Aaron said...

Glad you finally caught up with this one and enjoyed it. I'm a fan as well. I'm also in love with the actress Yael Grobglas (the blonde) fro this movie.

Jay Clarke said...

Yeah, I had a few problems with this movie, but I found the hook of it being a slasher where the slasher gets taken out of the equation early on quite delicious.

Good call Aaron, she was quite the looker!

Thomas Duke said...

I dug this as well and I'm with Aaron on what's-her-face.

Heather Santrous said...

And all the men go crazy for the pretty blond!

Jimmy the Saint said...

And all the men go crazy for the pretty blond!

Not me!!! ;-)

Aaron said...

High fives to Jay and Duke

Emily said...

I loved this one. Everything about it surprised me...including that I had to restart the film with subtitles since they didn't come on automatically.