Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Girl's Aren't Always Sugar And Spice

With a bunch of movies getting ready to be dropped from my instant watch queue, I knew there was no way I could get them all watched. The number goes into double digits and I only have until the 31st for some, and the 1st for the rest of them. Unless I watched movies from the time I got home till the time I went to bed, I might have gotten through them all. I didn't want to do that though. I went through each film to see if I could get them on DVD or not. All but two fit that, which is much better. The first film is Daddy's Girl (1996). This one sounded interesting to me since it has a killer kid. Of course I much rather watch kids die on screen, but when they are evil they can be fun as well.

Jody (Gabrielle Boni) has recently been adopted. She loves her new dad Don (William Katt), but not so much her new mom Barbara (Michele Greene). To make things a little worse for Jody, Don's niece Karen (Roxana Zal) moves in to stay for a while. When we first meet everyone, Jody is in her last days at school and fears the worst from the principle. After being in trouble a lot at school, the principle thinks that Jody would be better off in a different type of school. Fearing this will take her away from Don, Jody takes things into her own hands. While Jody might be a young girl, she will do whatever it takes to make sure nothing comes between her dad and herself.

I admit it. Daddy's Girl is a creepy film for me. Not for the right reasons though. The film, directed by Martin Kitrosser, reminded me a little bit of The Good Son. The big difference being that Daddy's Girl tends to tell you what is going to happen before it does. There is no real suspense going on here. We know who Jody will go after even before she decides to do it, and we know how she will do it moments before. Even so, there is something about this movie that still made me like it. Sure it isn't as good as some of the other killer kid movies out there, but it was still fun. This was mainly due to Gabrielle Boni. She was the reason this film felt creepy to me. She was around 10 when the film was made, and I believe that Jody is supposed to be 10 as well. There was times when she came across as a 10 year old, but a lot of the time she acted older, and her face also seems older. At least it did to me. It could have in part been due to her fire red hair.

One of the downsides of Daddy's Girl is no real effects. Almost all kills are bloodless, and when there is blood, there is very little of it found. The acting wasn't too bad really. Gabrielle Boni was a bit hit and miss, but I still enjoyed her in the lead role. She didn't always get the transition from good to bad, or vice versa. I was a little surprised that she hasn't done a whole lot of acting. More than some out there, but still not what I would consider a lot. The different adult actors were better, but I think the script hindered them a little bit at times. This goes for everyone in the film really, I had a hard time believing anyone when they were supposed to be upset over some bad news. Boni seems to overplay it while Greene underplays it.

One of the funny things about Daddy's Girl is how clueless Don and even Barbara can be. Sure Jody had a hard life with her real parents, we find out what happened to them late in the story, but the things she gets away with is really sad. Throwing fits, breaking things, even saying things she shouldn't be to others just gets a quick shrug and an excuse from her adopted parents. The ending was okay but will leave you hanging. They could have tacked on just a little bit more to show what happens after which would tie some things up I think. I don't actually know if this movie can be found on DVD yet as there was some threads about that on IMDb. That was a few years ago though. If you have Netflix and this one sounds interesting to you, you still have a couple of days to catch it there, for now at least. Not a great film, but was still fun to me at least.
3 out of 5 Glad I was never that obsessive about my dad



Oops, that last comment was from me. Argh.

Dusty McGowan said...

Right there with you: there's nothing like a creepy killer kid. That's one of those conventions that always seems to work.

It's too bad they spelled everything out for you, though. Ever see a movie from a few years back called The Abandoned? That one has a similar flaw: they explain absolutely everything as it happens and it totally underhands the film.

Anyway, nice review.

Anonymous said...

i never forget you sweet mouse. im so happy you made it...hugs :)

Jimmy the Saint said...

Do you have the right blog, or do you know something we don't?

Heather Santrous said...

I know who it is Jimmy. Old friend from years back.