Monday, December 10, 2012

Celebrating The New Year In All The Wrong Ways

Even though it is getting late, I thought I would at least get started on my next review. My last review took me way too long to get finished up, so lets up this one won't be the same way. I actually have my next review almost ready as well. I haven't started writing it yet, but the book I have been reading for the last couple of weeks is almost done. I hope to knock it off tomorrow sometime. Anyway, the other movie I watched a while back was New Year's Evil (1980). I remember seeing this movie when I would go to rent movies, but I never watched it until Netflix put it in instant watch, which it is no longer there now.

Helping bring in the New Year is Diane Sullivan (Roz Kelly), also known as the Rock/Punk host Blaze. She is out in L.A. hosting a TV show that is helping usher in the New Year in each time zone across the nation. Before the New Year comes into the Eastern time zone, Blaze starts to take a few phone calls. One is from someone who calls himself Evil (Kip Niven). Evil promises that he will kill someone at midnight in each time zone, finishing with Diane in the last midnight hour. Of course Diane, or anyone else, takes the guy seriously until he calls back with a recording of the murder. Now the police are trying hard to find out who this guy is, and where he will strike next.

I'm sure New Year's Evil was made thanks to Halloween. With it being a slasher film on a holiday, it ends there as far as the two films following each other go. The plot for New Year's Evil tends to confuse people, including me some. It seems some people felt that the killings would happen in each time zone, while the killer raced to the next one after the phone call. I never got that impression, but that doesn't mean I didn't feel confused all the same. What confused me was that I swore that Evil said each kill would be someone that Blaze knew. That didn't turn out to be the case though. I think it does go to show that director Emmett Alston and the writers didn't explain things well enough. New Year's Evil was an okay film. It was a little on the boring side but there is just some off the wall things that keep it somewhat interesting. I still haven't figured out the device that Evil was using in order to distort his voice. I wasn't even sure how he could talk right. Then Evil runs across a bike gang which manages to make things more interesting for a while. There is also Diane's son Derek, played by Grant Cramer, who is just a very weird guy. There is also a hint of incest, but that is all there is.

There wasn't much for effects, some blood but that was about it. While I was a little disappointed by this, I understood the time frame for it. Besides, what it lacks in gore, it makes up for it in just being a weird movie at times. The acting was okay. I wasn't real impressed with anyone. I don't know who Roz Kelly is, but she seems to have a bit of a following on the net at least. Kip Niven made an interesting bad guy, while I thought Grant Cramer was under used. It would have been nice if his character had been used more and explained better. Weird thing is that in my last review I had two former Playboy models in it who didn't get nude for the film. New Year's Evil featured at least one: Teri Copley. Unlike her counterparts in The Tomb, Teri did get partly nude at least.

New Year's Evil is an odd movie in that we know who the killer is very early in the film. Alston doesn't hide who his killer is, but we don't know what his connection (if any) to Diane is. I was just going along for the ride and not trying to out think the plot for once. While many feel the connection is pretty obvious, I was a little surprised by it. The film gets a little goofy by the end of the film, at least it did to me, but overall I thought that New Year's Evil was an okay film considering it is an early slasher film. Not a movie I would tell anyone that they have to go check out, but if you are interested in early slasher films, then you could do much worse than this one.
3 out of 5 I hope nothing like this happens this New Year for me

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