Monday, November 26, 2012

Water Sounds Good About Now

It has been a nice four days off. Too bad it ends today as I could use some more time away from work. I think we all could for that matter, don't you? Last night, even though I didn't get the review started, I decided to sit down and watch Thirst (2010). Once again it has been a while since I moved any of my Netflix films, so it is hopefully time to do that again. Instead of getting a review started, I decided to watch a couple of episodes from the first season of The X-Files. It has been a long time since I watched any, so it was nice to watch a few again. I might watch a couple of more tonight if I can't find anything on TV to watch.

Two couples, Bryan (Tygh Runyan) and Noelle (Lacey Chabert) along with Atheria (Mercedes McNab) and Tyson (Brandon Quinn), are out traveling on their way to L.A. when they reach the desert. Tyson knows of a place that he found on the internet that next to know one knows about 80 miles in. Stopping off to get a few supplies, they head in and find the spot. On the way back out they get into an accident while trying to avoid hitting a wolf. Not being able to drive out, and Atheria being hurt, they have to figure out what to do now. They have some water, but not enough to last but a couple of days at best.

I happened to come across Thirst on one of the movie channels I have and was surprised to see Lacey Chabert in the lead role. Like many others it sounds like, I wanted to watch this one just because she happens to be in it. It is rare for me to come across a film where she is in pretty much every scene. This isn't the first time I have watched a movie just because a certain actor is in it. The story itself is easy to see where it is going to go. Not just because of the title of the film, but also because of the setup. I don't know how long they paid for their hotel rooms, but they make sure that the maids won't be in the rooms in fear of them stealing their stuff. They go out into the middle of nowhere so cell phones won't work and they aren't expected in L.A. for a few days yet. Like any movie that deals with this type of situation, mistakes are made early that eventually haunt them. Instead of just heading back the way they came, after much debate, they decide to cut across and try to find a small town that is on their map. On the good side of things, the characters don't fight among each other all that much. Sure there are some, but they are over fairly quick. One of the characters manages to find a drink in a way that you will probably never have seen in a movie before this one. Despite a just okay film by director Jeffery Scott Lando, I still have to give Thirst some credit for finding a cool way to get a drink.

There wasn't a whole lot to be found as far as effects go. There was a make shift medical procedure where we get to see some blood, and there is a few other scenes with blood, but that is as far as it ever goes. One of the things that bugged me about the film was that our gang decides to travel by day. I'm not near a desert but I have always heard to travel by night in one if lost. I don't know what the budget for Thirst was, but I'm guessing it was just easier to film in the day light. Even so, it bothered me that they weren't looking very crispy despite walking around in the sun and heat until late in the film. Outside of crusty lips anyway. The acting was okay. I wasn't disappointed by anyone, but wasn't impressed by anyone either. Lacey Chabert is still looking good, and you get to see her in a bikini a couple of times. It was nice to see Mercedes McNab in something other than a vampire character, but she was still ditsy somewhat here. Tygh Runyan was annoying at times, but only because his character was so straight forward,

Thirst didn't impress me overall. It was a rather bland film, but did manage a couple of surprises all the same. There was a scene with a snake that surprised me a lot. I wouldn't suggest doing what they did in the film, no matter how thirsty you may feel, but it was still interesting all the same. I can't really suggest anyone to rush out to find this one, even if I liked the surprises found within. If you are like me and would like to watch it because of one of the actors, then you can do worse as far as movies go. Thirst may not be the best movie out there, it just doesn't manage to rise above being average.
3 out of 5 Thinking I will always have water near by after watching this movie

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