Thursday, November 29, 2012

About Time Mannequins Got Mad

Even though I have things I need to get done, I thought I would at least get my next review started. I don't know that I will get it done today, but I will at least get most of it done I hope. Anyway, a few months back I was asked by author August V. Fahren to do a book review of his latest book Mad Mannequins From Hell (The Uncanny Valley Trilogy Book 1). Even though he was willing to give me a free copy, I went ahead and bought it on my Kindle. Even though I did read it soon after, I never got around to doing a review for it. I decided to fix that and I sat down to read it again. Well I finished it today, so here I am to talk about it at long last.

Burton Vilmos has lost his job at the start of this little story. Burton, like his father before him, is an old style makeup effects guy. He is losing his job since the studio he works for wants to go with computer effects. He gets back at his boss in a creative way that actually leads to his new job. Now Burton runs a web site where he kills people. After paying him so much money, Burton will do a short film with you as the star. His son Max, who is seven years old, wants his dad to kill him in a short, so Burton goes through a rehearsal using an old book that was giving to him by his best friend. What Burton doesn't know until it is too late that the book is the real deal. Without realizing it, Burton has raised a demon that is taking over mannequins and sending them out to kill people.

The story sounds pretty simple, and in truth it is. Mad Mannequins From Hell is a somewhat short story compared to what I usually read. This is the main reason I decided to read it again before doing this review, I knew it wouldn't take me long. The story starts out sort of weird with the way Burton decides to leave his old job. It settles down some after that though, but it doesn't take long for it to get back into the weird again. It was nice to read about mannequins instead of something like zombies. Mannequins have been in horror films, but I don't recall any where they come to life. In the films that I have found them in, I have always thought that they add a nice creepy feel to the film. One of the cool things that Fahren does with the mannequins is that they can make their own weapons appear out of the air. They can also chop someones head off with their hands. I have never been hit by a mannequin before, but that seemed a little out there. Then again, they are demons.

Before the mannequins show up, we get a taste of what Burton does for a living. The super quick stories are told more in a movie script way. This is the only time this is done, which I was kind of glad for. Even though the stories are quick to read through, I just didn't care for that type of writing. Once the mannequins come to play, we discover that Burton has lost a day. The story then splits into two parts. We follow Burton on his quest, while finding out what went on during this lost day. It is easy to follow since Fahren does make sure to give a time for when each story is taking place: like 20 something hours for the lost day and 40 something hours for Burton's quest. The lost day stories are almost short stories in themselves since they often have different characters in them.

The story gets very weird once Burton meets up with some nuns. I won't go into too much detail since reading about them is half the fun. When I first read Mad Mannequins From Hell, I thought this part of the story came in part from Burton's mind. After reading it a second time though, I do believe I was wrong in that. While I enjoyed this book, I was getting a little annoyed with the main character throwing out wise cracks all the time by the end of the book. Fahren explains it just Burton's way of dealing with what is happening around him. I didn't mind it at first, but the longer it went on, the more annoyed I was feeling towards it. Even so, if you are looking for something different, and not to mention very weird, you will want to give Mad Mannequins From Hell a shot. With it being on the short side, you should be able to get through it fairly quick. Despite the problems I had with it, I still very much enjoyed it.
4 out of 5 Glad I don't have any mannequins around my place!

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