Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Can't Even Give It Away

If you don't want to read about my weekend so far, at least skip to the end to find out what I am giving away.

Hello from Indianapolis! I managed to get through the second day of the HorrorHound Weekend. So far it has been fun to be here. I do wish that they would put the guests in a different room from the dealer room. The guests are lined up against two walls, with the dealers taking up the other two walls and the middle of the room. It looks like there is plenty of room until everyone gets in there. Once that happens it becomes a mess to try and get around. There are people who decide to stand around and talk while in everyone's way, and you have people taking pictures of either the guests or other people who came dressed up. The pictures I understand, there are some pretty cool costumes and makeup. The people who stop and talk I wish would either learn to talk and walk, or move off to the side somewhere at the very least. What makes me even madder than that though, are the people that feel the need to just push their way through instead of waiting like the rest of us.

So what have I discovered here so far? Because of traffic issues, or a friend that doesn't believe in speeding (I do in case you are wondering, but not like way over the speed limits), I ended up missing two of the three screenings. The movie screenings were very light this year, basically three movies compared to nine last year. I did go see Parasommia at least, so I will get a review of that up here in the next few days. I went to a panel called Slashers of the 1980's which featured Tom Savini, Don Shanks, Peter Cowper and Tom Morga. They mostly talked about being the person doing the killing, and some stories they had about some of the movies they were in. Savini talked about trying to be creative when it came to killing people. The next panel was a Day of the Dead Panel which featured George A. Romero, Terry Alexander, Jarlath Vonroy, John Harrison, Michael Gornick, Greg Nicotero and Tom Savini again. As you can guess, they talked about Day Of The Dead. Both panels were good, but I felt they should have been longer. The second panel more so, because there were more people at the panel so it would have been nice if everyone could talk longer.

I scored a couple of autographs for myself so far. I remember watching Joe Bob Briggs on Monster Vision. He was charging slightly less than most people for an autograph, so I stopped to get his. The other one I got was from someone I didn't know was going to be there. Catherine Mary Stewart was sitting right in front of me as I came out from the middle of the show room. I  told her to pick a picture out, but she wouldn't do that. After scanning the pictures, I noticed one from Weekend At Bernie's, which happened to be one of the few movies I remember my mom talking a lot about. She loved that movie. That was the picture I went with. I thought the picture would help to remind me of my mom, plus I got a cool autograph on it.

Today I decided to stand in line to get an autograph to give away. I know Romero won out on the poll I had going, by one vote. But his line was all the way out of the building all day. I might still get one, but I don't know yet. Since Elvira came in a very close second, and her line was much shorter, that is who I got an autograph from. Her line was still longer than most though. So here is the deal: this is the first time I have done a give away, so hopefully I am doing this correctly. If you would like to have this autographed picture, all you have to do is shoot me an email to mermaidheathertx at aim dot com. Put Hail To The Queen in the subject line, so I know what the email is for. You have a whole week to get me an email. On April 18th, I will get someone who isn't named Heather to pull a name from a hat. How do you know this is the real deal? Because I spent some of my birthday money to have Elvira sign it right in front of me! See how nice of a person I am, I spent my birthday money on all of you! Be sure to come back to see if you have won, and maybe get into my next give away! That's right, I did not stutter. I have more stuff to pass on to someone. Good luck!!!!

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Jed Cooper said...

Well howdy Miss Heather, and I think it is a great surprise you would take some time to post about your convention while still there. I am really glad to hear you are having a blast, but sorry to hear they could not have organized things a bit better too.

As far as some folks go Miss Heather, some idiots simply can not walk and chew gum at the same time. So what do you really expect maam, lol. But I agree, the pushers bother me even more too.

I think it was neat that you could get Joe Bob's autograph. If he is anything at all like I think it is, he was probably even tempted to pay you for stopping to chat with him, rather than charge you for his signature, hehehe. He strikes me as someone who it would be a real hoot to sit and chat with, and have a drink or two. I bet he has come classic one liners too (grinning). Yes maam, I do know that you and I both enjoy our sarcasm too (smiling).

I really grinned like a wild man when I read you were able to find that picture for Miss Stewart to sign too. It will be special to you now for two very good reasons.

I don't have a clue how Emily Post would say give aways are suppose to be conducted, and frankly I could care less either, lol. I am a simple guy, so I see things in simple is your give away, you paid for the autograph, so YOU set the dang rules sweet lady.

Since you let the cat out of the bag, I was really tempted, but resisted like hell earlier (grinning). In case fans missed it, the Incredible Mermaid had a birthday on March 18th (smiling, clapping, breaking into a standing ovation and cheering). I really wanted to wish you a happy birthday publically sweet lady, but I was afraid you might chunk things at me if I did (grinning).

So everyone mark their calendars correctly for next year. (I am red faced to admit it, but I did not read far enough on a post, and said HAPPY BIRTHDAY a day early this year. That is a mistake that will NOT happen again for sure, lol. But if I can't get it right, I reckon it is better to be a day early than a day late too, lol.

I will definitely be entering your contest once I have posted my comment. But since your brought up neat costumes and Elvira, I HOPE, I really HOPE you decided to put her to shame this year (grinning, and ducking). The only think neater than a picture you both autographed, would be a Mermaid autographed glossy 8x10 of you in an Elvira costume (sighing heavily while thinking about that picture). I mean you are even a natural with your hair color too (grinning).

Seriously Miss Heather (sorry, I just can't resist the chance to tease my favorite Mermaid just a bit), I think you are simply a class act, to spend your birthday money for a give away for your fans (clapping). Shucks you are even talking about more than one give away...that is amazing to me.

I look forward to reading your thoughts on the one flick you were able to watch. Man oh man, talking about cutbacks this year...going from 9 to only 3 flicks. That sucks maam !!! For what it is worth, I do understand and agree with you on doing the posted limit plus too (hehehe). Well okay, unless I am driving through ONE state. Then I set my cruise to be like 3 or 4 miles UNDER the posted limit, cause them folks scare me (grinning).

I am really glad to hear you are having a blast, and hope tomorrow (shucks, today because of your time zone now) is more of the same. Have a safe trip home too please maam, and I am looking forward to your next review (smiling, tips my hat).

Aaron said...

The Horrorhound line-up is pretty awesome. I wish I could go. I got invited to a horror convention in Cali in May but I doubt I will be able to make it which is a bummer because Dario Argento will be there. Did you take any pictures, or do people charge for that too?

Heather Santrous said...

I didn't take a camera with me, but some of the staff members were taking pictures. I got my picture taken by them at least once that I know of. Some of the guests didn't mind posing for a picture real quick, but some would charge you for that. If you paid for them to sign something then they didn't mind having their picture taken with you at all.