Thursday, November 26, 2015

Dying For Movies 5 Part Five

My job decided I wasn't working enough, so that put a slight wrinkle in things as far as reviews. I will still make ten reviews, and probably more though since next week is a short week. Anyway, I made it past the half way point of the new set of 8 Films To Die For, so now it is time for the home stretch. So far it hasn't been a bad set. Nothing has really blown me away yet, but I have still enjoyed watching them so far. To start off the back half of the set, I went with the movie Bastard (2015). It had a strange description, so I wasn't sure what to think of it going in. Turns out that the movie is just as crazy as it sounds.

Hannah (Ellis Greer) and West (Dan Creed) are recently married. They have something big in common with each other, they both love to kill. After their car breaks down, they end up killing the guy who decides to stop to see if they need help. They are traveling to a small town, and eventually meet Betty (Rebekah Kennedy) and Jake (Will Tranfo). The brother and sister duo has runaway from home and for some reason, West has taken a liking to them. They end up at like a bed and breakfast type place run by Rachel (Tonya Kay), and the local cop Michael (Burt Culver), who has some issues of his own. They all eventually meet up with a masked killer.

I was a little surprised by this one. Co-directors Powell Robinson and Patrick Robert Young, whom also provided the script, gave most of their characters a fair amount of back story, and a nice story arc for who turns out to be the main character. Not all the characters are nice people, but for the most part they are each given a moment to where we can see some good in them. Take Hannah as an example. She doesn't seem to care for Betty or Jake, but she does end up bonding some with Hannah eventually. I really enjoyed getting to know the different characters of Bastard, but I didn't really care for the way the film was structured. It takes some time before we meet the masked person hunting our main characters, which was fine with me. Not everything about the characters was really that important, but it was still great to get to know them. Once things kick into gear for this slasher film, it almost happens too fast for a while there. Our masked killer burns through victims at a pretty good rate. But then things slow down again...too much. We get a backstory for the killer, which wasn't a bad story really. The backstory is fairly original but I just felt the timing was off for it. Just when things were taking off, it comes to a halt to tell another backstory. Not that we really need to story for the killer, but it does help explain some things. I can't say I was shocked by who the killer turns out to be, but I wasn't exactly expecting it either.

The effects are actually really good, and a bit gory in places.The best effect, to me anyway, was pulling out the spine of one person. There is also the effect of pulling out guts as well. While not the most goriest film I have ever watched, there are a couple of scenes that gore hounds will like. The acting was also good. Rebekah Kennedy comes across as a little annoying at first just because her character is so shy. Kennedy manages to come into her own though, especially towards the end of the movie. Ellis Greer was probably my favorite out of this cast though. She really sold here character to me. The rest of the cast also did a good job with their roles.

Despite the problems I had with the script, it was still just weird enough for me to get into it. I suppose that Hannah and West aren't the most likable characters around, since they themselves are killers, but somehow it still manages to work. There is also a scene where a couple gets pretty kinky for a bit. I was surprised by it to say the least. It also provides the film with its only nude scene. So Bastard didn't turn out as great as I thought it might, but it is still worth a watch. Outside of pacing issues, it wasn't a bad film at all. Bastard has a good story, some good story arcs and a lot of weird story plots to keep it going. Worth looking into if you haven't already.
3 out of 5 Gotta love some kinky sex

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dying For Movies 5 Part Four

I started another review over the weekend at my other blog, but I just haven't been into writing the review so far. So, I thought I would step away from it and watch a movie for here. I'm not giving up on the other review, I'm just hoping by doing this one, maybe my creative juices will get a kick start. When I get stuck on a review, I tend to try to fight my way through it, which can sometimes result in going many days before I get any review in. Instead of doing that again, I decided to jump into Wind Walkers (2015), the next film to watch from the 8 Films To Die For set.

Sonny (Glen Powell) has returned home after serving in the Army overseas in a war. He first meets up with his girlfriend Lexi (Castille Landon), who is so happy to see him that she wants a quickie in the store she works in. Sonny turns her down though. Obviously something happened to him in the war, I mean, since when do guys turn down sex? He meets up with his friends and they decide to go on a hunting trip like they all used to do. There is also a hunter missing, so they will be on the lookout for that guy as well. One of his friends that is married, his wife starts talking about Wind Walkers before the hunting trip into the Florida Everglades. We learn that this is an old curse that the Indians who were run off their land left for the white men. It isn't long before some of Sonny's friends turn up missing during the trip and the rest of his friends learn that Sonny is taking medicine for schizophrenia, but is it Sonny or something else?

After reading the small description of the plot given on IMDb and such, I wasn't all that thrilled about watching Wind Walkers. It just didn't sound all that interesting to me, but then again, it doesn't go into a whole lot of detail. With that in mind, I ended up being pretty surprised by it. Written and directed by Russell Friedenberg, there ended being a lot more to the story than I was expecting. This is hardly a perfect film, but I still enjoyed it. I was really into the story for a while since I was unsure of what exactly was going on. Friedenberg does a good job at giving mixed messages as to what is going on with his characters. Things start off strange when they are hunting a wild bore, and then suddenly find it strung up and gutted. Then they find the head of an animal in their tub at the shack they are using as a base. But as people start to disappear, Sonny is often the only other person around when they do disappear, and Sonny is acting a bit strange. It is easy to see why his friends are starting to turn on him. But then Friedenberg starts throwing in even more stuff. For one, there is a hurricane getting ready to hit, even though we never really see any evidence of this. I think it is supposed to hit Florida much further north, but still. Then there hints on the radio, that tends to be hard to hear and breaks up a lot, that something else is going on as well. Just to throw in something else, Sonny recounts something that happened to him during the war and a virus that he might just have taken home with him. In other words, Friedenberg makes the plot more complicated than it needed to be. I was getting a bit tired of the constant suspicion between friends even when they had a good idea of what was happening. It wasn't enough to get on my nerves to the point of not liking the movie, but it was getting close at times.

The effects looked pretty good. There wasn't a lot to be found though. The main effect had to do with the virus, or whatever it was supposed to be, that was affecting people. Not the goriest movie ever, but it does have a moment or two. The affect people do manage a creepy look at times. The acting was pretty good as well. Glen Powell wasn't great, but he does a nice job all the same. Castille Landon is mostly in the back half of the movie, and also does a good job. The friends on the hunting trip were also spot on. You can also find Zane Holtz, Rudy Youngblood, Kiowa Gordon, Phil Burke and J. LaRose. Russell Friedenberg also plays one of the friends and even gives a small part to his daughter Johnny Sequoyah.

I didn't find Wind Walkers to be a bad film overall. I wasn't into the story as much by the end of it, but it still kept me interested for the most part. There was some good tension going on for a while there. Even when things started to get a little silly for me, there were still some good moments to be found. I was a little confused to what this virus was turning people into though. The main person infected reminded me a lot of a vampire, but I'm not sure that is what they were going for. Not the best film by far, but I still had fun with it. I was all ready to give it a high rating before the story tried to add more to it. Wind Walkers is slightly different play wise, but not enough to get overly excited about. One review did comment that while most reviews are giving Wind Walkers fairly good ratings, they don't explain why they liked it but admit that it has flaws. Seemed like an odd thing to say in a way. Just because you know a movie has flaws doesn't mean you still can't enjoy it.
3 out of 5 You all can keep the Everglads

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Dying For Movies 5 Part Three

I haven't lit this month on fire or anything, but I'm still feeling good about it. I should be done with the 8 Films To Die for in a little over a weeks time, or close to it, which will put me at ten posts on the month. That will still leave me with a week to get in some more as well. I'm also setting things up for the new year, which will be my tenth year writing at this blog. I will get more into that later though. The next movie I watched was called Unnatural (2015). I read what the story was about for five of the movies so far, and this one got my attention the most, so I was looking forward to getting around to it.

Doctor Hannah Lindval (Sherilyn Fenn) works for a company that is trying to protect species from global warming. Some are being affected by it more than others, and this company is looking for ways to help. Of course, no one knows that are experimenting on the animals as well, trying to change their DNA. A polar bear that now has DNA of a wolf has gotten out in the lab. Hannah manages to get away, but also allows the bear to escape as well. Meanwhile, Martin (James Remar) lives in the wilderness of Alaska, not too far from the lab, and welcomes in Brooking (Ron Carlson), Quincy (Allegra Carpenter), Ella (Ivana Korab) and DeLana (Stephanie Hodes). The photographer, two models and his assistant, are there to do a photo shoot out in the wild. Of course, they have no idea a genetically modified polar bear is on the way to them.

The main reason I was excited about seeing Unnatural was because it has a polar bear in it. While not the first to use one, they are fairly rare in horror films. As big as they are, I wouldn't want to come across one that was hungry enough or mad enough to mess with me. Written by Ron Carlson and Arch Stanton, while directed by Hank Braxtan, they give us a fairly interesting story. It starts off pretty good, with what happens in the lab and all, and then we get to meet everyone else. The photographer and models weren't the best characters, but on the plus side, one of the models was the first to go, and given a death I wasn't expecting at all. I was a bit confused by the bear though. They did some weird things with it at times. A couple of times it looked like it had a wolf snout, and other times it looked normal. It also seemed like the bear was invisible at times, however, I couldn't decide if it actually was or if it was jut blending in with the surroundings. Even if it were possible to make a wolf/polar bear, I'm not sure why the appearance would change back and forth and be able to turn invisible. I was rather enjoying Unnatural through most of the movie, but somewhere towards the last half hour, I started to lose interest in it. Even though the bear was attacking more by then, I just felt the story wasn't doing a very good job of building tension. I don't want to say that the pace slowed, but it never really picks up much either. I did end up enjoying Unnatural, but I was also left with some disappointment as well.

The effects were just okay. There isn't much at all to be found as far as gore. Things get bloody at times, but the attacks don't show much at all. Only one gets slightly gory towards the end with an attack that happens in a truck, but that one was hard to see what was going on. I get that the budget may not have been there for gory bear attacks, but it sure would have been nice. The acting wasn't too bad here. It was cool to see Sherilyn Fenn again. I don't think I have seen her in anything in a long time now. It takes a while before her character gets to do much, outside of the start of the film, but she still does a good job with it all. I liked James Remar, but he was a but too serious all the time. Ray Wise also shows up but doesn't have a very big role. I was a but surprised by who was in this one.

I didn't really get the need to alter the way the polar bear looked. I say that just because it looked a little silly at times and a polar bear would be plenty scary on its own. Despite the things I didn't like, there were things about the ending that I did like. Just before the last scene, the last attack on the bear made me smile in the way it was done. It was pretty darn cool. The actual last scene was a bit of a surprise though. It didn't end in the way I thought it would, which wasn't a bad thing. I didn't end up liking Unnatural as much as I thought I would, but I still enjoyed it. This was actually filmed in Alaska, so there are plenty of beautiful shots to be found. I'm not saying to watch Unnatural just for that, but it certainly helped. Not the best creature feature out there, but it is worth a look if it sounds interesting to you.
3 out of 5 You will never see me in a bikini with snow all around

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Dying For Movies 5 Part Two

I was ready to dig into the next film today when I got home from work. However, I have been struggling to get this review started. It happens sometimes when I'm not really sure what to say. That is what happens when you don't do much outside of work! Anyway, I dived into the next film out of the 8 Films To Die For, this time it was the movie Suspension (2015). While reading reviews for the last film I watched, one reviewer said he had yet to like any of the new films...expect this one. That made me curious about it more than anything. Sadly, I was pretty disappointed.

Emily (Ellen MacNevin) is a troubled teen. Her father went crazy and she is bullied at school over it all but some of the more popular girls. On the anniversary of when her dad went crazy, her mother had plans to stay with her, but she gets called into work. Since she can't get out of it, that leaves Emily alone for the night with her kid brother Jeremy (Conner and Owen Fielding). They spend time together by Jeremy having Emily draw for him. She draws rather violent things though, and oddly enough, they seem to be coming true. When the killer she has been drawing shows up, it is up to Emily to protect her brother.

The comic book feel is evident right from the start of the movie. The opening credits are given a drawn look to them, while we watch a van drive up to a red barn. After the credits, it turns into a real movie where we see a woman being filmed while she addresses her audience. She has a killer she plans to punish in her own way. The guy gets loose though and turns the tables. From there we are shown this is something that Emily is drawing. The film, written by Kevin Mosley and directed by Jeffery Scott Lando, often switches back and forth this way, but we are supposed to never know if all this that Emily is drawing is actually happening or not. It became easy to tell when we are switched to something that Emily is drawing. Only the opening credits are done in a drawn form, but each time after that the colors become muted, with the exception of red. There are clues littered through the movie as to how it will end, but I was really hoping that they wouldn't take the easy way out. I wanted the ending to be different, but it wasn't. Lando puts together a movie that is fun to watch because of the muted colors and some of the weird things that happen. While I did enjoy the concept of the movie, I didn't always feel it was being executed all that great at times. As the movie went on, I was hoping for a twist, but instead I just felt very disappointed. Even so, I wouldn't mind watching Suspension again just because it did surprise me slightly with a slight twist with one of the characters.

The effects aren't too bad. There is nothing as far as big effects. There are times when there is plenty of blood though. Some of the stabbings get rather bloody, and it all looks well done. The acting was also pretty good. There were times I didn't always like Ellen MacNevin in the lead role, but for the most part, she shines in it. The Fielding brothers also do a good job. They never get to actually speak, but they still manage to express themselves. Courtney Paige Theroux gets the part of the main girl who picks on Ellen. Steve Richmond plays the part of the boyfriend of the main bad girl who has a bit of a thing for Ellen as well. And Taylor Russell plays the part of Ellen's best friend.

There is a bit of a side story for Carrie, played by Russell. Carrie really wants to go to a party where everyone will be at, but Ellen doesn't want to go because of what day it is. This causes some friction between the two friends and Carrie ends up at the party. While the party is strictly filler, it does cause some of the characters to eventually end up at Ellen's. It was kind of neat to have a side story going for another character, but it never really goes anywhere. I didn't hate Suspension by any means, but I was very disappointed with it. Mostly the ending though. I knew at some point that the ending would be what makes or breaks Suspension for me. This one is getting mostly good reviews though, so maybe I have just watched one to many horror films and caught on well before I should have. Might be worth a watch, considering that I want to again sometime.
2 out of 5 I never could draw worth a damn

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Dying For Movies 5 Part One

Slight change of plans. I was going to go with my next DVD from Netflix today, but while I was looking for something to watch for my other blog, check out the review for The Sand by the way, I discovered that the newest set of 8 Films To Die For is now out. It has been a very long time since a set of these has been out. For a short time the title was changed to After Dark Originals for the sets. Without much fanfare, the 8 Films To Die For have managed to make a return. I had been getting emails about the different films, but I was never sure how much of a release these movies were getting. They never showed up here, that is for sure. Anyway, I'm excited to dig into these movies, so be on the look out for the reviews over the next couple of weeks. First up is Lumberjack Man (2015).

A bunch of older teens are heading to a church camp, where they plan on getting it ready before the next day when campers arrive. Once they get there, Doug (Adam Sessler) and Theresa (Andy San Dimas) start breaking up everyone into pairs to do different chores. Some are really into it, while others aren't taking it all very seriously. Despite being a church camp, there are still plenty of hormones running wild, mostly from the guys of course. Unknown to them though, a lumberjack who was wronged a long time ago has returned. If he manages to eat his blood soaked flapjacks, yes you read that right, then he will become even more powerful. Dr. Peter Shirtcliff (Michael Madsen) knows about this, but can he get anyone to believe him before the killing starts?

I was very mixed about Lumberjack Man while watching it. It didn't take long to realize that director Josh Bear was giving us a movie that was more comedy than horror. I was fine with this, but took some adjustment for the mind set. There some things I didn't care for and things I liked. It seems that Bear and the writers were trying for a teenage sex romp while poking fun at slasher films. This only works some of the time just because it felt like they were trying too hard to make it funny. For example, there are more than one scene where it felt to me like almost a dream sequence on how guys view women. Like not really slow motion but close to it, with women topless in a river having a water fight, or rubbing lotion over themselves and so on. It was funny at first because of how ridiculous it all felt with the music and all, but it wears out its welcome after this happens more than a couple of times. I also didn't really like that there is no main character to focus on. Faith, played by Ciara Flynn, feels like she will be, as some of the early focus is on her, but they never let us get to know her. Time is mostly split between Shirtcliff trying to convince people about what he knows, and nearly everyone at the camp. Sure, some get focused on more than others, but no real character. On the plus side, some of the comedy really hit the spot. There were a few times where I was having a good laugh at what was happening. The backstory for the bad guy is actually pretty creative and funny on its own. According to Shirtcliff, the bad guy shows up every 30 years, at least I think that is what was being said about it all, which made me wonder why only one person was trying to warn away the campers.

The effects were a little mixed. There is plenty of blood to go around as the bad guy goes around cutting off heads and arms and whatever else. One scene was cool as we see the lower half of someone run off on its own. These were all well done, but the blood spurting from these didn't always look very good. The look for the bad guy was pretty cool as well. They made him very tall with long hair and a tree bark mask with glowing eyes. I really enjoyed the acting this time around. I felt everyone did a good job with their roles, but it was really the odd characters that stuck out. Like Sessler's role as the camp leader. Some of the girls who were really into believing what Doug was saying. And of course the bus driver, who was really out there.

A bit to my surprise was how much nudity was found with Lumberjack Man. At first it was just a couple of the women flashing the good doctor as the bus drove by, and I figured that was as good as it was going to get. There is actually a fair amount of nudity though. This lead me to believe that the bad guy also enjoyed nudity. He kills one of the guys who was peaking, but leaves the two women who were topless alive until later when they had clothes on. There was a lot about Lumberjack Man that I didn't like, but there was a lot a liked about it as well. There were plenty of times that I was thinking that this movie wouldn't get above a 2 star rating from me, but then I would bust out laughing at something. By the time it was all said and done, I had decided to give this one my average rating despite not liking it as much as I thought I would, just because it gave me some great laughs. Might be worth checking out if it sounds like something you will enjoy.
3 out of 5 Think I will take syrup with me when I go in the woods now

Friday, November 06, 2015

Growing Up Werewolf

I'm off to a bit of a slow month so far, but I was needing a bit of a break after last month. As I said before, I'm still in a movie watching mood, so I'm not too worried. For today, I went through the horror movies I have recorded off the movie channels I get, trying to decide which movie to watch. I ended up going with the oldest recorded movie, which happened to be the movie Wolves (2014). I had been seeing it often, and it only took me almost four months to watch it. Not bad right?!? Lets see what I thought about it.

Cayden (Lucas Till) is starting to realize that his life isn't as normal as he thought. Breaking into his late teens, Cayden has been transforming into a werewolf. He is able to control it somewhat, but it still gets him in trouble at time, like on the football field. He seems to have trouble controlling the transformation when he gets hot and bothered, so to speak. This gets him in some trouble with a girl, and when the police show up to question him, the police find that Cayden has murdered his parents...or did he? Wanting answers, and wanting to find out more about his family history, Cayden sets out. Eventually he meets Wild Joe (John Pyper-Ferguson) who is also a werewolf. Wild Joe directs Cayden to the town of Lupine Ridge where he finds himself in a battle between two werewolf factions.

Wolves was created by writer/director David Hayter. This one turned out fairly well, but had some problems along the way. I thought that the way the story opens, showing Cayden doing different things in his life while he talks about it in a voice over, to be a bit slow. I get the need for voice overs at the start of movies some of the time, but it didn't feel needed here. Personally I think the opening should have been left out and picked up the story with Cayden drifting and wanted for a murder we find out about later on. While I didn't completely like the drifter Cayden, having more of a mystery to his background would have put me into the story a lot quicker. The story didn't get real interesting for me until Cayden gets to Lupine Ridge. It was obvious that at least some of the people in town were werewolves. They don't change, some don't at all, but it was a bit easy to tell from their look, Conner, or just they way they act, like sniffing the air or people.

The story gets something of a bad rap by fans. Some like to say that it reminded them too much of the Twilight series. I get that partly, but there are only werewolves in this movie. This is a coming of age story that also throws in some romance. At least there aren't women who end up with a broken heart and crying a lot. The story for Wolves can still get corny at times, but it was still interesting for the most part. I enjoyed the two faction of werewolves, even though we don't learn much about one of them. I was a bit confused by how the story lines end though. One faction is, of course, presented as the bad guys. The leader is, of course, the biggest bad guy of them all. He is presented this way through the whole film, given a bad guy story line and all that good stuff. Then, right towards the end, they give him a good guy moment that could flip the story around. I took it that Cayden and company didn't really believe him though because as far as I could tell, it wasn't talked about or resolved after the reveal.

The effects aren't too bad. The werewolves are well done as far as the effects going into them go. Some feel they look too much like cats though. I get the complaint on that, especially on the female werewolf. Even though the makeup was well done for the werewolves, I was never sure how well I liked the design. It wasn't so much that they looked like cats to me, I just never really cared for their design. It varies from werewolf to werewolf though. The gore effects are okay. I don't think there is anything to found that will impress most horror films, but there is some good stuff to be found, and not so great stuff. The acting was mixed. I didn't always like Lucas Till, even though his voice kept reminding me a lot of Patrick Swayze. Jason Momoa, who plays Conner, was pretty good and they gave him a good look. Merritt Patterson ends up with the lead female lead. Like most of the other cast, I was mixed about her acting. Stephen McHattie also has a good sized role to be found. Kind of funny I just watched him in the last film I reviewed. I swear it wasn't planned.

The version I watched on my movie channel was rated R. There is an unrated version out there as well it seems. To my surprise, screen caps from it show more nudity at the very least. I don't know why nudity would be cut from a film that had already been given a R rating though. This was too bad since it was Patterson doing the nude scenes. You will get just a glimpse of her on the rated R version, but will get more of an eye full on the unrated version. Without seeing the entire scene though, I suppose it could just be a body double though. While Wolves didn't ever get on the edge of my seat exciting, it still did its job in entertaining me for an hour and a half. It may start slow, but there is plenty of action and fights later on. Wolves isn't the best of the werewolf movies out there, but I didn't find it to be all that bad. Hardly great, but still a fun watch. Might be worth checking out if it sounds like an interesting film to you.
3 out of 5 I wonder if I would make a pretty werewolf

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Free Your Words

Another month gone, and another Halloween done. I ended up buying a lot of candy this year to hand out to the kids. I gave a good amount away, but I still have a lot left over. I appreciate that the kids/parents were being considerate by taking just one candy, even if I encouraged them to take more, but I don't need all this candy! Ah well, I will get rid of it somehow. I did well as far as reviews went. A review everyday, with a total of 35 for the month. Not too bad. I'm still in a movie watching mood, so the reviews will keep coming. Most likely I will slow down though. I think I will go back to my old format of Netflix DVD, instant watch, and something from home for this month at least. Since I just did a Netflix DVD yesterday, I decided to go with something on instant watch. The DVD I just watched had a trailer for Pontypool (2008), which reminded me that I have been wanting to watch that I did!

Grant Mazzy (Stephen McHattie) is a radio personality for a station in Canada. He is driving to work in a snow storm when he stops to pick up his cell phone, after tossing it aside because of a conversation he was having, when a woman comes up to his car out of no where and appears to give him a warning that can't really be heard. Once at work he goes through he daily thing with producer Sydney (Lisa Houle) and their helper Laurel-Ann (Georgina Reilly). After a while they start getting reports of a mob of people outside of a doctor's office and then an explosion at that place. Soon after they start getting reports of people attacking others and biting them. At one point a message is broadcast over their own signal to not speak English...what could be going on out there?

Pontypool, which is an actual place in Canada, is a pretty interesting movie. I don't always like a movie that is set in one location, but this time I found the story to be very interesting. The story was based on the book by Tony Burgess, who also did the screenplay, and directed by Bruce McDonald. Outside of the start of the film with Grant driving to work, the entire movie takes place inside the radio station. We have no idea what is happening in the town of Pontypool other than what the characters learn. We are riding along with them. Even though we never get to see anything, until infected people start to find their way into the station, I was hanging on every word. Some found the movie a bit boring, and I can somewhat understand why. I'm not always a fan of one set movies, but this one provided enough information to allow me to form my own picture of what was happening outside of the station. What is happening might be a bit out there, but it isn't the first story to touch on it. I would like to talk more about what causes things to go south, but I don't want to give too much away. There are some problems, like mid way through Grant suddenly decides everything has to be a joke. While I get what they were going for, it managed to take me out of the moment and the tension they had built up to that point. It does build up again, but still didn't care much for that scene.

There isn't a lot for effects but there can be a lot of blood at times. One character spews a good amount of blood that comes as a pretty good surprise when it happens. There aren't really zombies in this movie, though they get passed off as such by most people. Much like 28 Days Later, I thought these folks were just infected with something that makes them act zombie like in some ways. The makeup for them isn't much really, so it was a little disappointing. The acting was very good though. Stephan McHattie is great as a shock jock that is slightly tamed at his new job. Lisa Houle was also very good. It would have been cool if Georgina Reilly had more to do in the film, but I still enjoyed her acting.

I didn't have too much to complain about with Pontypool. There is a scene where the characters seem to disappear which was puzzling. The commentary doesn't offer any help with that scene apparently, not that I was able to listen to it, but from what others have said it doesn't. There is a scene after the credits that feels out of place with the rest of the film. I believe that is where the character disappear to, but only the filmmakers know for sure. If you are looking for something that is a little different, Pontypool just may be for you. It had me on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what would happen next. Very much worth a watch.
4 out of 5 Be careful what you say to me...or else