Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Evil Side Of Christmas

The weekend is here at last. I'm looking forward to this weekend actually, and not because I have anything planned. I'm still fighting with a cold which seems better until I get up in the morning. Hopefully I can get some naps in over the weekend and get over this cold at last. A while back I went to buy something off of Amazon, but the only way I could get it is if I ordered something else with it. Sounds like a scam to me, but I did spot the movie Krampus (2015) which was going to be released to DVD. I missed it when it came out in the theaters, so I figured I would buy that since I have been wanting to watch it. Since I needed one more at home review before getting back to a Netflix DVD, I decided now would be a good time to catch up with it.

Max (Emjay Anthony) is trying his best to believe in the Christmas spirit. Tom (Adam Scott) and Sarah (Toni Collette) are busy trying to get everything ready for company and Max believes that they don't love each other anymore. Beth (Stefania LaVie Owen), his older sister, is wrapped up in her boyfriend at the moment. When more family gets there, things go from bad to worse for Max. He has made a wish list for Santa, which one of his cousins gets a hold of and reads it to everyone at the dinner table. Becoming very embarrassed by it, Max goes nuts until he gets his list back. Tom eventually gives Max a little talk about putting up with family, and encourages Max to mail his letter to Santa. Instead, Max tears it up and throws it out the window, unknowingly summoning Krampus and his minions.

I'm actually pretty disappointed that I didn't catch Krampus on the big screen now that I have watched it. Director and co-writer Michael Dougherty draws inspiration from the actual legend that is Krampus. This legend is mostly found in Austria and Germany, which explains the German roots that Max's family has. Krampus isn't the jolly Saint Nick that has become Santa Clause, but the darker version of Santa that will punish those that no longer believes in the Christmas spirit. Is it a tale to scare kids and adults alike to be nicer to each other? Perhaps, but as they say, there is always some truth to legends and folk lore. Krampus ended up with a PG-13 rating, which is too bad in a way. I would have loved to have seen what they would have done with an R rating instead. Don't let the rating fool you though. Krampus has a dark tone through the entire movie that starts right off the bat. We are treated to a scene of a store opening up with people rushing in and fighting over whatever they can get their hands on. Even though this takes place a couple of days before Christmas, it reminded me more of Black Friday than anything else. From there, things slow down a bit as we get to know the characters some. It takes a little while before things pick up again. There is a slow build up to Krampus and his minions really become a big part of the story. The story actually stops at one point as the grandmother gives us an explanation to who Krampus is and what he does. This is done in an animated way, which I thought was a nice touch for a backstory. Once things get going, I was pretty glued to what was happening. Besides the dark tone of the film, there is also some dark comedy happening at times as well. I did laugh at times, but it wasn't because I found something said or done to be funny, but I found it funny in an ironic way. I don't have much to actually complain about Krampus except maybe that I didn't really care for Alex going out of his way to confront Krampus. I found it getting a little too silly at that point in the film, but the ending leaves things open enough to leave it up to you what happened.

There isn't anything all that gory to be found here, but the effects were still pretty amazing to me. The effects are mostly bringing toys to life to terrorize the family. I don't want to spoil what comes to life, but they are pretty awesome. It was decided to let us figure out what Krampus actually looks like, as he wears a Santa mask, which I think was the right call. While I like seeing what something looks like, it isn't always the best choice. The acting was very good. I wasn't sure if I would like Adam Scott at first, but he did win me over in the end. Emjay Anthony does a good job in the lead role. I ended up being pretty impressed with him. Krista Stadler plays the part of the grandmother. She isn't in this a lot, but has a pretty important role. I'm sure most people will know Conchata Ferrell and David Koechner who don't bring as much comedy to the film as one would probably think, but I still enjoyed their performances. Allison Tolman rounds out the cast and she has a really good scene that I liked her in a lot.

The fact that Krampus was based off the myth/legend of the folk lore really added a lot to the movie. It also helps a lot that it was a very well made film. Even though things towards the end didn't sit well for me, not completely anyway, it didn't take too much of my enjoyment away from the rest of the film. This is a Christmas movie I will likely be watching each year. If you haven't checked it out yet, you probably should. Especially if you like dark horror stories. Krampus isn't for everyone of course, but if you are curious about it, you really should check this one out.
4 out of 5 I want a teddy bear like that!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Murder Me After School

I got a late start yesterday since I had to go to the bank to clear some charges I didn't make to my debit card. Always something I have to deal with anymore it feels like. Once I got home, and stayed home, I jumped right into After School Massacre (2014). This was an instant watch movie on Amazon Prime. I haven't watched one from there in a while so I thought I would today. Not sure what made me want to watch this one, though I suspect it was the title. Reminded me of such movies as Slumber Party Massacre after all. Oddly enough, or maybe not, this one has a slumber party going on.

Mister Anderson (Bruce Kade) has been talking to a student online. When the headmaster finds out about it, Mr. Anderson is fired on the spot since it is against the school policy. Taking it like a man, Anderson kills the headmaster, then kills the secretary when she walks in just after. Anderson then heads off to find Jess (Savannah Matlow), who has decided to have a slumber party with her friends that night.

I wasn't really expecting a good film when I started After School Massacre, which is a better title than Teacher's Day which is in the opening credits. Speaking of the opening credits, this was perhaps the most original part of the whole movie. It was done in the style of passed notes. Like a folded note would be placed in front of a pair of hands and would read something like "Did you hear Jared Masters is directing?" Something like that anyway. It was a different way to give the opening credits at least. Masters not only directed, but he was also the writer for this film, by the way. Even though I wasn't expecting much, I guess I was curious about it since it is these kind of films that sometimes give a lot of nudity. After School Massacre does give some nudity, but not as much as I was really expecting, and a lot of it just barely shows anything. Like two girls in the shower but they keep their arms up so you only catch a glimpse of their breasts at times. The nudity was about the only thing going for it, because there wasn't much else going on. The pacing wasn't all that great. Girls talk and do whatever and then there would be a murder. More talking, another murder and so on. There is guy at the party, I think he was the brother of one of the girl's, as I couldn't think of any other reason he would be there the whole time when they wouldn't allow any other guys around. He spent most of the movie trying to hook up with most of the girls there. The music didn't fit the scenes most of the time, and sometimes the music would carry over into the next scene. And worst of all, the kills are pretty lame. The majority take place just off screen, so while we can figure out what is going on with the kill, we can't actually see it happening. The guy even kills the pizza guy for some reason.

There is only one kill where we get to see any kind of effect to go with it. This is done in very fast flashes, so good luck actually seeing it though. This was for a throat cutting scene. There is also a death by mailbox. Well...death by mailbox post, with the mailbox still attached. This was a little weird though. The killer keeps driving the post straight down, but then we see the body on its side with the post going through it. The acting wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. Besides those already named, you will find: Lindsay Lamb, Nikole Howell, Courtney Rood, Danika Galindo, Yasmine Soofi, Andrew Phillips and Simone Wasserman.

With After School Massacre clocking in at just over 70 minutes, including the credits, I was still checking to see how much longer I had to go. Never a good sign when I keep checking the clock. After School Massacre was obviously a low budget film, which never bothers me really. There was limited sets, like the headmasters office wasn't very big at all. They had to leave the door open just to film some of the angles. Besides that, the budget hurt this one since they apparently didn't spend the money on effects. I'm not saying every kill has to be gory, but being a slasher film...more or less at least, give us a couple of good kills. I hate to say that it was a waste of time watching it, but it running close to that. For the curious only I would say.
2 out of 5 Lost count how many times they took clothes off

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Be Careful Who You Have Sex With Part Two

Even though I think I'm trying to come down with a cold, too many late nights with not enough sleep probably (thanks boss!), I'm still shooting for double digit posts this month. Pretty sure I can get them in as this will make number seven on the month, with a little over a week to go after this weekend. Which film to watch for today was an easy choice really. I have been wanting to catch up with Contracted: Phase 2 (2015) for a while now. The convention I went to delayed watching it, so since all those reviews are out of the way, it was time to get around to this movie.

Riley (Matt Mercer) had sex with Samantha and is now at the hospital getting checked out. After getting blood and other stuff all over him, he is worried about getting whatever she had. After leaving there, Riley finds out that the police want to talk to him about Samantha and another friend that was found dead. Riley lies to Young (Marianna Palka), but learns about BJ (Morgan Peter Brown), who he does remember seeing at the party and with Samantha. Riley soon realizes that whatever was wrong with Samantha is now happening to him. He sets out to find BJ in order to put a stop to it.

Contracted: Phase 2 brings us a new set of filmmakers. Writer Craig Walendziak and director Josh Forbes do something unusual with this movie. Even though they are picking up the sequel, they aren't ignoring what came before them. In fact, the story picks up right where the last film leaves off. We get a completely different lead character in Riley, who was a minor character last time, but that is the main change. Usually a new writer and/or director will do their own thing instead of picking up the story from the previous film. Even though the story picks up right where the last film leaves off, and gives us the fate of Samantha, it is almost the same film. Once again we follow one person, Riley this time, as the virus takes hold of his body. The only real difference between the two plots is there is more of a story for BJ. Some questions are answered about him, like is he spreading the virus or doesn't he know about it? I found this part of the plot interesting, but it wasn't enough to carry the film. I don't really know what BJ's plans were supposed to be towards the end of the film. I guess that for the budget, I get why they went with a story that stuck close to the original. Phase 2 didn't feel as graphic as the first movie did, but there was still some things that will likely make some people squirm a bit. Once again we get people who for some reason refuse to find medical help. Riley goes around bleeding everywhere and infecting those close to him. Who in turn infect others. There are examples of other characters doing these things as well. I get that some people are hard headed and refuse to get medical help even if they know something is wrong...but when you are pissing blood? It may be a new team taking over the story, but the characters are still making some really stupid choices.

While not as gory as the first film, the effects are still pretty good here. Lots of blood being spit up, sneezed up and pissed out. The makeup is pretty good to show the virus taking its toll on those that have it. Chunks of skin get bitten off at times as well. Even though there were more people to be found with the virus this time, Phase 2 just didn't feel as gory. The acting wasn't all that bad. Matt Mercer does a good job in the lead role considering he was just a minor character in the last film. He isn't the only one to return though. Charley Koontz also returns, along with one other character. You will have to discover that one yourself though. Anna Lore was also pretty good. I didn't think her character was going anywhere, but she ended up having a good run. Suzanne Voss has the best lines in the film as the grandmother of Riley.

I'm glad that Contracted: Phase 2 gave us more of a motivation for BJ. While it wasn't much, it kept this film from being too much like the last one. It is really too bad that it wasn't different in more ways though. It was nice to see that that virus was spreading, but these scenes are short and far between usually. I suppose that this sequel didn't need to be made, even though there were unanswered questions from the last film. You will have to watch the first movie in order to understand what is going on in this one. Contracted: Phase 2 isn't really a bad movie, but I lost some interest in it just because the overall plot was pretty much the same, and no one seemed to care they are making others infected along the way. Unless you are like me and have a need to watch sequels, you won't miss much if you decide to skip this one. At just over 70 minutes though, it isn't too bad of a time waster.
2 out of 5 I wonder if having the name BJ gets you more bjs?

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Evil That Is Vampires Part Two

With this review I will be caught up with all my reviews. I finished the book Evil Unleashed by Mick Ridgewell last week, but I had other reviews to get done before I got around to this one. I got another review done for Green Room at my other blog. I went last weekend to watch it, so thought I would get that review out of the way. I was able to get through Evil Unleashed quickly, mostly because I started it when I went to my last convention. Since there isn't always a lot to do at the conventions if you aren't into the panels that day, that leaves plenty of time to read while waiting for something that does interest me. I got nearly half way through it in just a couple of days, so this makes the first time I had completed two books in under a month in a very long time.

Evil Unleashed picks up roughly three years after Evil Never Dies. Roland Millhouse has published the book as Patricia Owens told him. Even though he truly feels it is a true story, he published the book as fiction and it is doing well. Having moved away from Kings Shore, he stayed there while writing his book, he doesn't know that the head vampire that almost died over a hundred years ago is about to return. A young school teacher is going for a jog when a teen aged boy starts to follow her and scares her. Doing her best to get away, she trips and hits the large rock that seals the vampire in an old well. Her blood finds its way to the old vampire and now Malachi is ready to get revenge on those that nearly killed him so many years ago. Roland heads to stop this from happening, but can he or will he end up joining Malachi?

I ended up having some mixed feelings about this sequel. I liked the story, but there was some things about it that bugged me. The way the story is told is different, which I expected to be honest, since Patricia didn't make it out the previous novel. This didn't bother me, though the way the first story was told so well the way it was, I hope that Ridgewell visits that style again someday. The story was pretty interesting. Pretty much about the main vampire, Malachi returning and wanting revenge, plus dealing with the things of today. The last part was hit on here and there, but felt it could have been explored more. There was some twist and turns I wasn't expecting out of the story, which is a good thing. I thought Roland would do more than he did to try and stop the evil from spreading, and what ended up happening to him took me by surprise. As expected, Ridgewell does introduce some new characters. CJ, the brother of the girl that dies early, and Susan, the best friend. I thought these characters were okay, with CJ being the better character of the two.

My main problem with Evil Unleashed was that there wasn't really a main character. I though CJ was going to be it for a while since Roland wasn't around much at first. Roland was in the story more for a while there, but again, not who the story revolves around. Malachi was the closest character in that regard. Most of the story takes place with Malachi advancing his plans and rediscovering himself, so to speak. Not to say that the bad guy can't be the main character, but that just wasn't how Malachi felt to me. I guess I was expecting Roland to be more active in the story since he was carried over from the first story.

Ridgewell focuses so much on Malachi's plans that characters are forgotten. CJ all but disappears after something happens to him. Susan is still around but gets about the same focus as the other characters she is around at that time. We are reminded a few times that Roland has friends in Kings Shore, but we are only ever told about one of them. We learn a little about her, mostly that she works at a little cafe like place. She disappears from the story as well. One can assume to know what happens to her, but it is left unsaid and may not be true. I was annoyed by CJ being forgotten the most. He seemed like he would be a lead character for a good while, and sort of was. Malachi warns that CJ is a dangerous person to their cause, and then CJ more or less just disappears from the last act of the story.

Evil Unleashed was slightly shorter in length and didn't have as many chapters as the first book. Like the first book though, this was a pretty quick read with short chapters, though not always so short. I don't know that I've read other books with so many chapters before, but it is nice for reading at work since I can get through a few chapters at a time. That just gave me more time to figure out the vampires in this book. What I liked about them in the first book as gone by the wayside in this one. They no longer have an issue with going into buildings and are no longer afraid of religious stuff, even though Ridgewell didn't mention that they were in the first book, not that I remember anyway.

Evil Unleashed wasn't as good for me as the first book was. It was still a good book, just not as interesting since there wasn't a character to invest in like there was in the first story. Even though I wasn't into this novel as much, I still enjoyed it. I'm going to read another book by Janz next, but I'm looking forward to reading Mick Ridgewell's first novel sometime soon. I'm also looking forward to reading whatever he comes up with next. If you haven't given his book a chance yet, you should look these two books up sometime.
3 out of 5 I sure missed Patricia

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Your Turn To Murder Someone

I'm trying hard to get some writing done instead of playing Slither all day. So far I have managed that. I completed the review I had been working all week here. I also got started and even finished the review for the last screening from the Saturday at the last convention I went to. That was for a movie called American Guinea Pig: Bloodshock. After that, I got this review started. All that while still playing Slither here and there. I even took in the movie Green Room today as well. I guess that can be considered a busy day. I will get the review up for Green Day after I finish this one. This review is for Dead Body (2015), the last screening of the convention. There might have been one more, but I didn't hang around to find out if there actually was or not.

Ilsa (Rachel Brun) is meeting up with her brother Dwayne (Cooper Hopkins) for a getaway just after graduating high school. Dwayne believes that they will be getting a cabin and getting some time together to bond again, but Ilsa shows up with friends who also invited friends. Dwayne isn't happy, but there isn't much he can do about it. Once at the cabin, it becomes clear who is friends with who, and who doesn't like each other very well. After some drinking, they come up with the idea to play a game called Dead Body. After drawing to see who will be the killer, everyone hides or lurks around until a "dead body" is discovered. The rest get together after to see if they can guess who the killer is. After the third round, a real dead body is discovered. Now they have to figure out who is taking the game too far.

This was one of, maybe the only one actually, the movies where no one from the film showed up for it. While I did like the film, the place this one was screened at had a lot to be desired. All but this film was screened in its own room that was set up for panels and screenings alone. Dead Body was screened in an area that was large enough to hold the after hours party. It had a stage where panels and screenings could be held, but there was also a lot of tables there towards the entrance, which people were using to rest and eat. So you had people eating, having conversations and walking through from one area to the next while this screening was going on. I was also feeling tired after two late nights, so all this just didn't make for a very good combination.

The story for Dead Body is nothing new really. Director Bobbin Ramsey and writers Ian Bell and Ramon Isao do manage to give us a pretty good mix of horror and murder mystery though. For a while I was annoyed with Dwayne. I didn't like the character all that much, and he was poised to be one of the main characters. Lucky for me, he doesn't become a main a way.  I guess I didn't like him because he was complaining so much about others coming on the trip with them. I get why he was doing that, but he was doing it in such a whiny way. We learn a little bit about each character, though not always very much. This is nice since once the dead bodies start to pile up, you will hopefully have a favorite character(s) by then you can root for. The story also does a good job of mixing things up. Just as the characters feel they know who the killer is, something is found or someone sees something that changes everyone's minds. This is useful because it keeps the characters on their toes and keeps them from working together too much. This makes the killer's job easier. Not because they go off by themselves, but because since they don't completely trust each other, some get killed by someone else. Even though some characters would disappear for a while, which would make you think they could be the killer, I had a sneaking suspicion who the killer would turn out to be...and I was right. There are a couple of key moments just as it is shown that there is an actual killer that set me on the path of figuring it out early.

Things never get real gory in this film, but there is still some nice effects to be found here and there. They were all done very well for what we do get in this one. The acting was alright. I don't recall anyone really standing out to me though. As far as I know, I didn't know any of the actors from anything else, but that didn't bother me at all. I didn't hate anyone's acting or anything like that, so no real complaints. Besides the two I named of, you can also find the following: Spencer Hamp, Miho Aizawa, Leah Pfenning, Nic Morden, Jay Myers, Nathan Pringle and Koe Sakuta.

Dead Body is a movie I want to watch again. Not because I was really into it, but because I would love to watch it without so many distractions happening around me. I understood the film just fine, but I'm sure I missed some things all the same. At one point, just when something gory came up, some woman who was walking through decided to scream and then laughed about it after. To say it was an annoying screening is putting it kind of lightly. That is mainly why I didn't stick around to see if there really was another, unscheduled, screening after this one. Even with the distractions, I still enjoyed Dead Body well enough. It wasn't anything that blew me away, but it was still a fun film. Maybe I will come back to this review once I watch it again to change it some, will see. If you get a chance to check it out, you might just consider doing so.
3 out of 5 I might just have to try this game with friends someday

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Whatever Happened To That Final Girl?

I didn't get a lot of writing done through the week. I was back in full swing of things at work, trying to catch up around the house, and getting to bed a little later than I normally do all week. This made for a long week, and I was out of it for the most part yesterday. Add to the fact that I'm playing all the time, and well, that doesn't leave much time for writing. I did get my review done for the movie Holidays over at my other blog, so feel free to check that one out when you get the chance. The next to last screening Saturday night at the convention was for one called Last Girl Standing (2015).

Camryn (Akasha Villalobos) is in a fight for her life. She is running through the woods trying her best to get away from a killer that is stalking her. The killer is trying to finish her off so his pagan ritual will be complete. So far he has killed all of Camryn's friends and she is on her own. Eventually she gains the upper hand and kills the killer. Five years later we catch up with Camryn. She is now living on her own and living the quiet life. No one around her knows what she once went through, no one knows she is a final girl. Camryn struggles a lot with what happened to her. She is a very paranoid person, jumping at shadows, always afraid what might be behind closed doors. Camryn works at a dry cleaners where she keeps to herself for the most part. When a new manager comes aboard, Nick (Brian Villalobos) starts to break through the wall that Camryn has put up around her. Late one night, while Camryn is working on a stain, the place is locked up. Someone who looks like the killer goes after her. The police find nothing though. Is the killer somehow back, or is Camryn starting to lose it?

Last Girl Standing is a slasher film, which bookends the film, and a character study by writer/director Benjamin R. Moody. Some of the cast and crew was on hand to talk about their film after the screening. This included Moody, a couple of people who worked on the effects, Jason Vines and one of the female actors. I missed her name and for the life of me I can't remember her face well enough. It was getting really late for me by then. Last Girl Standing is interesting in that it explores what could happen to a person who has gone through a mass murder and survived. Interesting story or not, the pacing was a bit to be desired in places. It started off pretty exciting, and then slows down as we get to know Camryn and the current mind frame she is in. Each time something exciting happens, it is only for a short time until things slow down again. This goes back and forth until the end where things stay exciting for a while. Pacing aside, it was nice to watch Camrym begin to trust and open up to others. For me, the story was very predictable. My friend and I had different ideas as to where the movie was going, which I was correct. That doesn't mean I still didn't enjoy the movie though. I did and even though I was correct, I wasn't always sure that I would be. There aren't many twist and turns to be found, which is why I guess I had it figured out. It was still a fun movie, if a little slow at times.

The effects are very good here. Things get a bit gory at times and it all looks pretty good. Since the kills take place at the start and end of the movie, they are far between. Very much worth the wait though. The acting was also very good. I didn't know any of the actors off hand, but I thought that they all did a good job. Akasha Villalobos does a great job in the lead role. I could tell the exact moment towards the end of the movie that things changed with her. I don't feel it was her acting though, just observing what was going on and expecting it to happen I suppose. Danielle Evon Ploeger has a pretty big role in this one. She plays one of the people who becomes friends with Camryn and seems to help her the most as well.

I've been sitting on this review all week trying to say more than I have. I don't have a lot to say about it mostly because I find it a hard film to talk about without giving too much of it away. Even though the film has a bit of a slow pace, the start and end make up for that and balances out the story to make it an average film. It certainly wasn't the worst that I watched over that weekend, which will be my next review, but it was just kind of there. I did enjoy it and would be willing to watch it again someday. I would love to watch it with more friends so I can see if they can guess what will happen or if I'm just getting too good at figuring out the plots. I don't believe that Last Girl Standing is out on BR/DVD just yet, as I'm not seeing anything when I search, and I have no idea when it will be out. It is worth checking out though as I didn't hear anything bad being said about it after the screening and my friend and I liked it will enough as well. Check it out sometime when you get the chance.
3 out of 5 I wonder if this is based on the life of Stacie Ponder?

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Not All Bites Are Good

I've been moving right along with my convention reviews. This will mark the half way mark for all the movies I watched. I will have just four more to write after this one before moving on to some other reviews. The second movie on Saturday was for one called Bite (2015). My friend and me was trying to figure out what kind of movie this would be based on the movie poster, which was a little hard to see on the screen just because it wasn't very big. My friend thought vampire, while I threw out cannibal. We were both wrong.

Casey (Elma Begovic) is off on her bachelorette party with a couple of friends. She gets a little drunk, and a little flirty with a guy and feels guilty over it when she returns. While swimming, something bites her, but she doesn't take much notice of it. Once home, she avoids her boyfriend (Jordan Grey) and even considers calling off the wedding. After a while, her boyfriend gets to talking with her and they start making out. While doing so, he rubs the spot on her leg where the bite happened, which now looks infected. He comes away with some stuff on his hand, which causes him to book on out of there, The bite mark gets worse, but not only that, Casey notices other changes about her body. What is going on?

Bite was directed by Chad Achibald and co-written by Jayme Laforest. For me, this was the best screening I had watched up to this film. It will get outdone by the next film, but this was still a really good movies. The pacing is a bit slow though. It takes its time in building up to what will happen later in the film. To be honest, I was getting worried that it was taking too long to build up, and was starting to feel a bit bored with it. Bite isn't just about the body horror, the transformation of Casey into something else,. It also deals a little with friendship, jealousy and the pressure of getting married. These aren't a large part of the story, but they do find their way in. If you have ever seen the movie The Fly, Bite reminded me of that movie a bit. It isn't a copy of that film or anything, but that is the movie I was thinking of at times while watching this one. Unlike The Fly, we don't know what Casey is turning into. We never really find out what it was that bit her, and I couldn't tell from her transformation, not that it mattered really. Achibald takes his time with the transformation, which for me made it all more cool looking. I never understood why Casey didn't go see a doctor or anything like that when the bite was starting to look bad, or when other signs of things not being right show up. Late in the film Casey makes a nest or hive out of her apartment, and I didn't get why her friends would just walk in the way the place looked. One friend was afraid of a mouse but walked in with little problem. I know they are worried about their friend, but if I walked into a place that looked that way, I would u-turn it right out of there.

The effects are pretty good for this style of film. There is some CGI, but that doesn't show up until he end and isn't too big of a deal. Things do get pretty gory though with other effects. A few scenes got some pretty good reactions out of people. I was surprised at how well the effects turned out here. There is some gross stuff here which I'm sure will appeal to some people. The acting was alright. I didn't really care for Elma Begovic too much for a while, but eventually she started to grow on me. Not sure what it was about her that I didn't like for a while. Annette Wozniak and Denise Yuen play Casey's best friends. I didn't find their acting bad, but I didn't really care for either character though.

Even though I felt Bite was a mixed bag, I ended up really enjoying it. Up until this film, it had been my favorite one that I had watched so far. It would be outdone by the next film, Even so, I would say that this was my second favorite film that I watched all weekend. Not bad since I watched nine films in all. Bite did leave some things unanswered, which I was fine with for the most part. I really wondered if Casey's young (I will leave it at that) hatched because I was never sure if it was her or her young that appeared to be doing stuff to people she captured. Even though I'm giving Bite an average score, it is well worth a watch. Check it out someday if it sounds interesting to you.
3 out of 5 It will make you itch while you watch