Sunday, July 27, 2014

Don't Look In The Closet Part Two

This will give me my 13th review this month. I haven't done this many reviews in a month in over 2 years. I can't explain the turn around at all, but I have just had the urge to write lately. Not everyday, but a lot more often than I have in a good while. Hopefully I won't lose that, or at least not as badly as I have. Now that I'm done patting myself on the back, I jumped right into Boogeyman 2 (2007) right after I finished my last review this morning, so maybe I will get two reviews in today. Since I don't really have anything better to do, besides getting my dishes done, I might as well.

Laura (Danielle Savre) and her brother Henry (Matt Cohen) saw someone kill their parents. Since they were both afraid of the dark, and thus the bogeyman, that is who they blame and still fear. Ten years after that event, Henry is leaving Laura in order to go to a job interview. Laura isn't happy about it at first, but changes her mind and decides to check herself into a mental hospital where she will be under the care of Doctors Ryan (Renee O'Connor) and Allen (Tobin Bell) until her brother gets back. Laura is there with a few other people, oddly all in the same age bracket, with different types of fears that have taken over their lives as well. When one of them turns up dead though, could it be that the bogeyman is there with them all?

While the first film took a supernatural approach to the whole bogeyman thing, director Jeff Betancourt and writer Brian Sieve take a more straight up approach to it. It does tie the two movies together by giving us the fate of Tim. It wasn't much, but nice to see all the same. I was unsure though if they were trying to show that the bogeyman in the first film wasn't real or not. They way they bring up the first film, and how the second film plays out, leaves the question open to me. In case you are wondering, Boogeyman 2 is a straight up slasher film. That might be a spoiler, but I have noticed some were disappointed about this, and we don't find out for sure until late in the film. I find it easier to accept a film for what it is instead of what I thought it was going to be. While it isn't the best slasher film out there, it did manage some creative kills. Even so, I didn't care for the plot all that much. I thought of something after this film was over. Why is it that in movies that deal with what people fear, we always get a group of people afraid of different things? Is it a group policy to just have one person with a certain type of fear represented in each group? Anyway, it didn't make much sense to have the bogeyman kill people by using their fear against them. The bogeyman usually goes hand-in-hand with being afraid of the dark, so this was a big clue to this bogeyman not being a real one.

Something that changed between the films was the gory effects. Out are the CGI shadow effects, and in are the more gory effects. Guts are hanging out, hearts are being taken out, and of course there are maggots under the skin. As I said, there are some creative kills, and things get fairly bloody at times. This was a nice change. I do have to say though, a rib spreader doesn't work they way they use it in the film. The acting was just okay to me this time around. It was cool to see some people I have watched before like Renee O'Connor, Tobin Bell and David Gallagher. Danielle Savre was alright in the lead role. It is too bad that the focus of the film gets taken off her, and onto the other people in the mental hospital. Not that they did a bad job acting, just felt the story shouldn't have been about them as much as it was.

I was a little disappointed with Boogeyman 2. I didn't know about the warning I gave to all of you. I was also disappointed with the ending, as it left it open for a sequel, which is fine, but it sure doesn't sound like the third film is taking up where this one left off. I could be wrong about that since I haven't actually watched it yet. Of course it isn't the film makers fault that the next people to come along don't pick up their story line. Even with the pretty good kills, I just found Boogeyman 2 to be an average film. If you are into slasher films but don't want to give this film a watch because it is a sequel, don't give that a second thought. Even though it does tie itself to the first film, it doesn't get into a whole lot of detail about it. You might be curious as to who they are talking about, but in the end it isn't that important to the plot of this film. Give it a watch if you are into slashers or if you just want to watch it because of it being a sequel. As a slasher, it isn't too bad. Certainly way worse out there.
3 out of 5 What is a mental hospital doing with a rib spreader anyway?

Evil Comes For A Visit

What a boring weekend so far. I haven't done a whole lot, been a lazy weekend really. Not that I am complaining. I rather have a boring weekend instead of being at work all day anytime. I have spent most of the weekend either watching TV, movies, or old TV shows on Netflix. I got a review done for Come Out And Play, so if are interesting in that film, just click the link. I also got around to watching Siege Of Evil (2005), which proved to be a frustrating experience despite the fact that I liked the film.

Sarah (Desiree Muse) has become interested in EVPs. She has talked a friend of hers to meet at an old church that is said to be a satanic church. Her friend Barry (Jim Steward) swears he has gotten EVPs at this location. After getting a history lesson about the church, Sarah heads off to explore and then starts recording and asking questions. Before she can do much though, her husband Mark (Scott Naumann) yells from outside that she has a phone call about her mom, she isn't doing well. They rush off while Barry goes back into the church after seeing someone. Of course, things don't go well for him. To make matters worse for Sarah, it seems the evil has decided to follow her home.

Siege Of Evil was directed/written by Jeff Carney, who puts together a good film on a low budget. Before I get into what I did like, let me rant about the audio for a minute. I'm not sure if it was my DVD for some reason or not, but the audio was the worst I have had to deal with in any movie yet. I've only found one other review where I know the person watched Siege Of Evil on the Tomb Of Terrors movie collection, and that review didn't mention any problems with the audio. Sometimes the voices were very hard to hear. I had to literally get as close as I could to the TV speaker (they seemed to be only coming out of one speaker instead of both at these times) to hear what was being said. There are other scenes where I could hear one person fine, but couldn't hear the other person in the scene at all. It just seemed strange to me that I was having problems with this movie, and not the others, if it was the DVD. Anyway, rant over with that. Despite the problems I was having, I actually thought that Siege Of Evil was a well done film. I didn't find it to be one of the greats, but I would be more than happy to give it a watch again, hopefully without the sound problems. What made it enjoyable was the demons really, if that is what they were. They could look and sound like anyone, so there are times that Sarah doesn't know she is talking to a demon, and we don't know either. The story in general was pretty good as well.

There is some blood, but not a whole lot of it. We do get a severed head though, which actually looked very good. The main effect was a CGI effect of this black stuff that the demons would turn into sometimes. Would also see it when the demons feed off the recently dead. It didn't look all that great, so could have done without it at times I think. The acting really wasn't all that bad. Desiree Muse does a good job in the lead role. She goes through a range of emotions and plays them off well. There are times that reactions are a little off, but that went for the whole cast. I also liked Scott Naumann for the most part. I thought his acting could be a little too goofy at times, but it didn't bother me too much. Amelia Foster played the part of Sarah's sister. I would have liked to have seen her in more scenes.

I have to give Siege Of Evil credit for keeping me into it despite missing some key dialogue. This is a movie I could have easily given up on, which the thought did run through my head several times. I tried running it on my computer, mostly to see if I would have the same problems, but my computer is messing up lately and crashed when I tried to play the DVD. Got to love computers. Anyway, perhaps someday I will find this on another DVD somewhere and give it a watch again. For a low budget film, it was a nice surprise. The best film on this disc, which happened to be the last disc in the set, so far. From what I have read about the last film, it sounds like Siege Of Evil will be the best one on it. Not a perfect film, but I would still suggest giving it a watch someday if you never have before.
3 out of 5 I have been to a rumored satanic church before

Friday, July 25, 2014

Trapped At The Drive-In

I did it. I got more than nine reviews in this month. I did ten last month, but ended up deleting one, so ended up with nine after all. I won't have that problem this month though, as this review puts me over the ten mark. Hopefully I will get one or two more in before the end of the month. Not a bad start for the start of the second half of the year. Anyway, I decided to watch Dead End Drive-In (1986) next because it was about to be sent to me on DVD, but it is on instant watch, so I just watched it there. I even bumped up a movie that I'm interested in watching just to make sure Netflix wouldn't send this movie.

In the near future, things have pretty much gone to shit. In Australia, Crabs (Ned Manning) helps his brother Frank (Ollie Hall) tow cars, which seems to be big business. They fight off other tow trucks and scavengers. While Crabs tries to live as normal a life as he can, it is tough when you can be attacked at random. He decides to borrow his brothers nice car, without asking of course, and picks up his girlfriend Carmen (Natalie McCurry) and they head off to the drive-in theater to catch a movie. Crabs pays for a cheap ticket, called the unemployed, and eventually find that they are now stuck there with a bunch of other people.

Dead End Drive-In has a pretty good rating on IMDb, not outstanding, but still better than average. It also seems to be well loved by those that do like it. It reminds people of the Mad Max films, and I get why. At least part of the film anyway. It is also a film from Australia, which was very obvious from the accents, so I think that helps as well. Director Brian Trenchard-Smith gives an interesting first act, giving us a glimpse into the future and how the world now works, somewhat anyway. I was fine with this part of the film. While I didn't find it real exciting, it was at least fun figuring out who is who, figuring out why tow trucks look the way they do and so on. The idea for what the drive-in has become, a sort of concentration camp, was pretty cool. Can't say that I have ever seen this idea in a movie before. However, I found that Dead End Drive-In gets pretty damn dull from there. Outside of Crabs, everyone seems content to be there, even Carmen who takes it all in stride like it is nothing. I get that for many, life isn't much different than outside of the drive-in, or even perhaps it is better since they get a free meal everyday. Would people really be content with living out of their car for the rest of their lives though? Maybe they won't grow old there, it is never said what happens to people there, that I noticed anyway. I also didn't really get how all these people felt trapped there. Sure there is an electric fence, and at least police car makes a lap, but if all those people wanted out, I don't see how it could have been stopped, at least all of them. I get it was a bit of a commentary on social issues, and I respect that. I just didn't find it to be all that great of a film. Nothing against those of you who do love it of course.

There wasn't a lot for effects. There is a car crash where a few people are dead and all bloody, and some people get shot towards the end of the film, but there wasn't ever anything real gory. There are some cool stunts towards the end as well. I rather enjoyed the acting, even though some feel it was the weakest part of the film. The actors seemed to fit their roles well. It wasn't the acting that made the film dull for me. There were some interesting characters at the drive-in, and I almost wish they had been focused on a bit more. I say almost because I'm not really sure if it would have helped the film enough to have pulled me back in.

I'm not really sure why Dead End Drive-In gets the horror tag. Nothing really happens that made me consider it a horror movie. Sure people are killed and shot, but considering what was going on at the time, it is of no big surprise these things happened. It wasn't because of some killer or just getting rid of the people at the drive-in. Even though things picked up toward the end of the film, I just couldn't get into it enough. If you are like me in having never watched Dead End Drive-In then decide to watch it based on the type of film it is. If you love the Mad Max feel, while not as good, you might want to check this one out as well. If you aren't into that type of film, give this one a pass.
2 out of 5 At least watching the movies wouldn't be too bad

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Don't Look In The Closet

For those of you that care, I managed to get a review in this last Sunday. If you want to read my thoughts on The Purge: Anarchy, then click on the link. I jumped right into my next movie Monday, I watched The Number 23, but decided not to review it after I watched it. I had actually watched it before, but didn't remember a lot about it. Since it was more of a murder mystery thriller, I didn't think it would fit in too much here. Not that I had a lot to say about it anyway. So yesterday I watched Boogeyman (2005). I will be watching the whole series, with two more to go, but probably won't watch them all in a row.

Tim (Barry Watson) was a young child when he saw his father disappear in a closet. Tim had been telling his dad about the bogyman, when something grabbed his father. His mom says that his dad walked out on them though. Fifteen years later, Tim is still afraid of closets, well, dark closets anyway. His girlfriend Jessica (Tory Mussett) has invited him to meet her family. The first night there, he has a nightmare about his mother. He gets a call from his uncle to tell him that his mother has passed away. Tim heads back home for the funeral, and take possession of the family home. While at the old house, his childhood friend Kate (Emily Deschanel), who got dumped by her horse by the house. Tim soon discovers that his bogeyman could very well still be around.

Boogeyman gets a pretty bad rap. It has a below average rating on IMDb and gets trashed on the forum board for it. This is another film that I have watched already, but since I wanted to review the other two films, I decided to go ahead and watch this one again as well, since I had yet to do a review for it. When I first watched it, I wasn't thrilled by it, but I found it to be fairly good. I still feel the same way about it now. It wasn't a great film by any means, but no where near as bad as people on IMDb make it out to be. Even after a second watch, could be more that that actually, I still found it had some tension in the story. It kept me interested in it, even if there were parts that put me off somewhat. The story by Eric Kripke, along with a couple of other writers on the screenplay, feels a little disjointed at times which makes it hard to follow. I also felt that director Stephen Kay relied too much on CGI for the bad guy. Someone on IMDb said that they talked to Kripke at a convention, and according to the person who talked to him, Kripke blames the fans for not understanding the story. In a way, Boogeyman tries to play things as if it is all in Tim's mind, at least the bogeyman. If you watch it with that in mind, in a way it does make sense. However, if that is the case, then there are things about the film that no longer make sense. Tim meets a girl with whom he learns how to possibly beat the bogeyman. And then there is a scene after the credits that makes one think the events are about to happen again but with someone else. In case you are wondering, Kripke says the bogeyman isn't real. Since the film doesn't hint otherwise, I'm not so sure.

There wasn't much for gory special effects here. A little blood in a couple of scenes, but nothing major. The effects were mostly CGI effects for said bogeyman. While they weren't really bad, I just didn't care for how he was made to look. Even though Andrew Glover is credited as playing the part, it was rare for the bogeyman to look all that human. The acting wasn't all that bad. It was cool to see Emily Deschanel in something other than her show Bones. Barry Watson does a good job in the lead role as well. Lucy Lawless shows up as well, but only for a few scenes. I rather liked Skye McCole Bartusiak as the girl who helps Tim somewhat. As I was looking to see what she has been in recently, I discovered some sad news about her. Skye passed away July 19th of this year at the age of 21.

As I said before, I didn't think real highly of this film. Even so, I don't see how it is our fault if we didn't get the intention of the film. Apparently someone didn't get the memo since two other films have been made. Just from reading posts in the forum for this film, they seem to tie into this one a little bit at least. It might be interesting to see where the other films take the concept. As for Boogeyman, if you haven't watched it yet, I will leave the review to help you decide if it is for you or not. I am curious to see what others think happen in the film. Is the bogeyman real or not? Let me know!
3 out of 5 No bogeyman in my closets!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Bikinis And Blood

I got a little behind on my reviews. I was trying for at least an every other day review, but I was feeling pretty tired the last couple of days. I think it showed in my last review, to be honest. Mainly because I didn't think I would get it done when it was getting late, so I rushed through it a bit. For this review I watched the film Bikini Party Massacre (2002), which is just listed as Massacre on the sleeve. The nice thing about watching this movie pack is I have watched low budget films so far. They may not have been great films by a long shot, but they still fit right in with my little blog.

Jeff (Joseph D. Clark) is driving his friends Jake (Sean Clement), Rick (Phil Jacob), Sandy (Jessica Psaila), Mandy (Elizabeth Inns) and Randy (Naomi Vondell) out in the woods near a lake. After some strange dreams, arguments between the ladies, running out of gas, they get to their camp site at long last. Beer, sex and games follow. But there is also a creepy old guy around. Don't know what he wants, but he likes the women of course. Oh, there is also a pitch fork that is flying around, seemingly on its own, and of course someone is killing the campers off one at a time.

Bikini Party Massacre is one of these films where the director, writer, producer, and the star of the film happens to be the same person. That person would be Joseph D. Clark. I think I will start off with some of the bad first. The film is around 73 minutes in length, but it takes around an hour before anything really happens. This doesn't include the dream sequences that are somewhat interesting. They are actually usually praised as the best thing about Bikini Party Massacre. While the story is presented as a slasher flick, there is more going on than that. The first clue is dropped early in the film we see Jeff turn to look into his car. What he sees might be confusing at first, but makes perfect sense once the twist is revealed. The twist also explains some other strange things that happen in the film. Like when Jeff runs out of gas, he takes a walk to find some gas. This includes an MTV style wording for the name of the song, artist, album, things like that. There is also an attack on one of the characters that happens just a few feet from another character who never seems to hear or notice, then acts surprised a short time later when seeing the killer. While the twist has been done before, it was nice little surprise. It didn't really make up for the rest of the film, but was still a surprise. Some of the camp fire game is interesting, and even adds a little character development, but I was struggling to stay interested after the dream sequences up to that point and for a while after.

The effects are mixed. There is a scene where someone gets their arm and legs cut off, which looked and sounds rather silly, but showing the torso was cool in a way. It was a CGI effect, but is was fairly well done, minus the lack of blood one would expect from that. The CGI for severed heads on sticks didn't look as good though. There is also death by chainsaw, but all we see there is a bunch of blood flying around. The acting was also mixed. While I didn't feel anyone was terrible, I wasn't really all that impressed with anyone either. I did like the character of Sandy, but was disappointed with her at the same time. There is some nudity to be found, and while Jessica Psaila gets nude twice for sex scenes, you won't get to see any of the good nudity.

Even though the twist has been done before, and in better films than this one, I didn't mind that. It isn't a twist that has been over done, at least I don't feel it has, like the characters are already dead but they don't know it twist has been a bit over done. By the way, there isn't a bikini party in sight, so not really sure where the title comes from. Bikini Party Massacre didn't manage to come close to an average film for me, but I still have to give it some points for getting me a little interested in it while watching. For those interested in the twist, it might be worth checking out, but I'm not sure I would watch the whole film just for the last 10 minutes or so. If you are really interested, but don't want to watch the film, you can probably find the twist spoiled somewhere for you.
2 out of 5 At least they did wear bikinis some of the time

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wolf Fever Part Two

A few weeks ago I discovered that there is a sequel to Wolf Creek out there. I had no idea that one was even being made, so it came as a surprise to me when I saw it on Netflix's instant watch. I have been meaning to watch it ever since, but kept putting it off for other films instead. Meanwhile, I've noticed other reviews pop up, and usually they give Wolf Creek 2 (2013) a good review. I was able to get around to it at last. It fits in with my films from other countries as well since it is from Australia.

Rutger (Philippe Klaus) and Katarina (Shannon Ashlyn) are a couple from Germany having fun backpacking through Australia. After visiting and hitching to some different place, they almost get a ride from serial killer Mick Taylor (John Jarratt). As another truck comes around, Mick takes off, sparing the couple. They head to Wolfe Creek Crater to check out the site. On their way out, they try to find a ride, but are unable to do so. They decide to set up camp where they are. As they are having some fun together, Mick shows up. This time they won't get away.

Greg Mclean returns to direct the sequel, which is pretty cool. You don't see that happen in the horror genre all that often. After doing a little reading, it turns out that Wolf Creek 2 is based (rather loosely) on victims of real life murders. Much like the first film, the inspiration behind the Mick Taylor character is real life serial killer Ivan Milat and Brad Murdoch, although Murdoch was not a serial killed as far as anyone knows. If you read about the murders, you will see how they are included in the characters. Sure their nationality has changed in some cases, and probably the way they were killed. Even so, it was interesting reading. The film itself is a little different from the original. Some people didn't care for the first film because of the slow start, which you won't find here. Wolf Creek 2 starts with Mitch having a run-in with some cops, which doesn't end well. It doesn't take real long before the next murders happen. I didn't mind the change, which is more like the second half of the first movie. As other reviews have pointed out, this film highlights Mitch. It is all about him, even if we don't really learn much about him as a person. To my surprise, there is a slight change in plot. Well, not really a change in plot, but a change in lead characters. Out are the German's and in comes British tourist Paul, played by Ryan Corr. I suppose a change was needed, but leading up this and after it, the film becomes a long chase. I must admit that I was getting a bit bored with the chase, but it was interesting to see what length Mitch will go to in order to catch the person he has picked out.

Mclean makes sure to have Wolf Creek 2 be a bloody film. There are some very bloody gun shoot wounds, like head exploding at one point. Fingers and a head get cut off in fairly bloody fashion. The effects are good, and of course, very bloody at times. The acting was good as well. I was impressed with Shannon Ashlyn while she was watching Klaus have bad things happen to him. She did extremely well in showing fear. There was also a great conversation between John Jarratt and Ryan Corr that also had some real good acting in that scene.

I was surprised in some ways with Wolf Creek 2 and also a little disappointed with it. I think for most people it will just depends on how well they liked the first film. If you hated it for being too slow, which I heard a lot, you might enjoy this one a bit more. If you didn't like the first movie because of the violence and blood, you won't like this one any better. As for me, while I still think Wolf Creek beats this sequel, I still really enjoyed it. It is too bad I started to feel a little bored with it, but I still loved it.
4 out of 5 Buy a faster jeep next time!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Summoning Revenge

Even though I had a few days left before I had to watch the other movie that was being taken out of my instant watch queue, I wasn't sure if I would get to it for here on time. Instead of getting all worried about it, I decided to watch Last Kind Words over at Tops. I needed a movie to review for there anyway, so it worked out better. For my next review for here, I decided on Ouija Board (2004), or Witch Board as it was called on Netflix. This was the movie I had to wait on a replacement for, because the first one they sent to me was broken. It is a movie from South Korea, and will be the last DVD from Netflix from another country for a little while at least.

Lee Yu-jin (Se-eun Lee) has been getting picked on at school, along with a couple of other girls. For revenge, they decide to call on the spirit of a girl who died 30 years ago under mysterious reasons. With a piece of paper with the names of the bullies on it and a pen, they try to summon the girl. Yu-jin knows it works because she breaks her own rule and opens her eyes and sees the girl (Yu-ri Lee). The next day a new teacher (Gyu-ri Kim) arrives at the school. During attendance, she calls out the name of the girl who died 30 years ago, which freaks out the students for whatever reason. It isn't long before students begin to put a plastic bad over their head, douse it with lighter fluid, and set it on fire. While it is suspected who is behind it, there is much more to what is going on than anyone thinks.

Writer/director Byeong-ki Ahn is no stranger to the horror genre. The only film of his I have reviewed before would be Phone, which I liked a lot. Ouija Board was very confusing for a while. It starts with the three girls making the curse on their bullies. There is no build up to this. No clue who these girls are or why they are being bullied. Don't even know who the bully is or how many there are. For the most part the gaps are filled in eventually, but I still didn't like the way the story started, and quickly entered a "don't give a shit" mood about the film. However, I was pulled back into the film as the story reveals there is a lot more to it than first meets the eye. It soon turns to possession, reincarnation, and revenge for what happened 30 years ago. It never became a great film to me, but I have to give it credit for pulling me back in. There was things that bugged me though. For one, they never use a ouija board, nothing is ever spelled out for them that I could tell. Of course this isn't a film in English, so I guess something could have been and I wouldn't have known it. Then there is the fact that the person reincarnated looks just like the person that died, yet no one seems recognize the person. I get it was 30 years ago, but I would still think someone might get a sense of deja vu.

There was some brave stunt people in this movie. I wouldn't want a burning bag on my head for nothing, but we see this happen a few times. Not a lot of effects from that, but there is some nice makeup to be found. Burns and such. There is also a pretty blood scene towards the end of the film. The acting didn't seem too bad. The DVD was set for voice over. I prefer subtitles, but if a DVD is already set for voice over then I usually don't take the time to change it. For the most part this didn't bug me but when there was a lot of voices at once, like students all reacting to something, the voice overs sounded bad.

I was surprised by the twists and turns that Ouija Board took. The further it went along, the more interesting it became. What starts out as just another ghost out for revenge turns into a lot more. I do wish it had started better than it did though. At first I thought it would start this way, then show what happened up to that point, but that wasn't the case obviously. Even though I liked the turn around that the story did, I still didn't fall in love with it. I would still suggest giving this one a watch if you haven't already. Not many reviews out there for it, but most aren't that great it seems. Maybe it was because I found it to be different after the twists. Even so, worth a watch I think.
3 out of 5 Get a real ouija board!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Bad Cops

I didn't think I would get last nights review done. At one point I had decided to just get it done today instead, but I kept at it, and did get it done. I'm still in a review mood to my surprise. I didn't see yesterdays as a set back really, just got started late so was tired. I jumped right into the next film on the 50 movie pack. I couldn't find a movie poster for Human Behavior (2006), so I just went with the movie poster for Tomb Of Terrors, the movie pack I'm working through. I don't know that one could really call Human Behavior a horror movie, but it is on the movie pack and I watched it, so I'm going to review the damn thing.

Shelly (Anne-Michelle Seiler) is murdered after letting someone into her home who she knows. Detectives Mochston (Paul Anninos) and Plithman (Stephen Twardokus) are on the case though. They recruit Doc (Kevin O'Conner) to help out with figuring out who it might be. Mochston gets a lead that Shelly was talking with her ex-boyfriend and had a fight with him the night that she was killed. After questioning the bartender about it, that guy also turns up dead. Plithman gets some prints off the murder weapon, but when he leaves his computer while it runs a search on the prints, the search gets canceled and the file deleted. This leaves them to believe that a fellow cop is behind the murders. Could it be Bobby (Daniel Kash) who has been acting a little strange since the first murder? Or is there something else going on here?

Human Behavior is hard pressed to be in this set if you ask me. Outside of dealing with a crazy guy, Human Behavior falls more into a drama film than anything else. Even though this was obviously a low budget film, co-writers and directors Derek and Shane Cole do a fairly good job with what they have. There is obviously plenty wrong going on with chain of evidence and police procedure, which I'm sure not everyone knows anyway. While such stuff bugged me, I try not to let that get in the way of enjoying a movie. That is where I have to give then some credit at least. They do a good job of giving some twists to the story towards the end of it. The story wasn't anything great to be honest. Even though we don't see who the killer is at first, we know it isn't the ex-boyfriend because he is black, and the killer was clearly a white guy. I know that the detectives don't know that, but it was still rather boring watching them make a big deal over him every time he happened to be in the same area as they were. This is where the Cole's should have just started with Shelly already dead, and then show us the murder later on in a flashback. The red herring would have worked much better that way. In fact the Cole's sort of do this anyway. At around the 42 minute mark, we get a recap of everything that has happened up to that point thanks to two of the cops talking about the case, flashbacks included. That is usually something saved for the end of the film, not somewhere in the middle of it. Then there is also the odd choice of being filmed, or converted to, black and white. It doesn't add anything in this case, so not really sure why they decided on that.

Hardly anything to be found for effects. Some blood here and there, but that is as far as anything ever goes. The acting was very hit and miss, with it mostly missing. I had read a review before watching the film, which thankfully didn't give much away, just to see what Human Behavior was about. It complained about gaps in lines being said, which the review chalked up to bad acting. I didn't notice it too much, but I wondered while watching if it wasn't due more to the way it was edited instead of the delivery of the lines. Often the gaps in lines happen when there is a change in the camera angle, which is why I thought it had more to do with the editing. I never thought the acting as real bad, but there are times it comes close to it.

I guess that the twists at the end does put Human Behavior in the horror genre slightly, but it wasn't really enough for me to call it a horror film. In fact, the twists end up throwing more questions around instead of answering them. The story makes it clear who is doing the killing, and even throws out a reason for it, but that in turn opens it up for more questions. I'm not sure that the Core's thought that through very well. Still, I'm tempted to give this one a higher rating just because of the twists. They did make Human Behavior a bit more enjoyable, but the film as a whole missed the mark. Not by a lot, but it did. I don't know how it easy it is to find this film, but if you happen to have the movie pack that it is on, I would suggest giving it a watch sometime. At a 72 minute run time, it is a short film, so even if you don't like it, you won't spend a lot of time with it. I'm just curious to see how many will get the twists figured out ahead of time.
2 out of 5 Giving cops a bad name